Area Hospital Leaders Launch Respect and Heal Campaign

Leaders from hospitals and health systems across Central New York have launched a new collaborative effort, Respect and Heal, aimed at ensuring the safe and respectful treatment of healthcare workers.

The move comes as incidents of disrespectful and disruptive behavior aimed at healthcare workers have increased.

The Respect and Heal campaign will aim to build a stronger and safer workplace and patient care environment, built on the trust that patients and families want the same for all, by supporting:

—respectful treatment of all staff;
—zero tolerance of any threat to staff or patient safety;
—full enforcement of laws protecting health care and frontline staff.

The group of seven leaders is set to announce that a safety summit will be held in 2024 to share best practices, examine training and staff education with a focus of de-escalating difficult situations. Ideas, messaging and tools will also be shared to ensure a unified approach to Respect and Heal regardless of institution size.

Part of the Respect and Health platform will address federal and state legislation that provides more penalties for individuals who knowingly and intentionally assault or intimidate hospital employees.

Bringing together seven healthcare leaders to speak in one voice demonstrates a vigorous commitment to fostering a culture or safety and respect that values the physical and psychological well-being of healthcare workers and patients, they say

The leaders said that the vast majority of patients and families are grateful for the health care staff and the care they offer, but that everybody deserves an environment where caregivers are safe and can focus on healing.

Those participating are:

Michael Backus, President and CEO, Oswego Health

Scott A. Berlucchi, FACHE, NHA, President and CEO, Auburn Community Hospital

Robert Corona, DO, MBA, CEO, Upstate University Hospital and Health System

AnneMarie Czyż, President and CEO, Rome Health

Seth Kronenberg, MD, President and CEO, Crouse Health

Meredith Price, CPA, FHFMA, President, St. Joseph’s Hospital

Darlene Stromstad, FACHE, President and CEO, Mohawk Valley Health System