Senior Leadership Celebrates 2016 College Graduates

On Tuesday, June 20, members of Crouse Health Senior Leadership celebrated the educational achievements of members of the Crouse family who earned a college degree at varying levels during 2016.

The honorees were invited to a reception where they received a gift acknowledging their efforts at furthering their personal and professional growth.

Boynton recognized the amount of time and dedication these employees put into getting their degrees while managing their workload and family life, as she received her MBA from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University while working at Crouse and raising her family.

“Your degree not only benefits you, it has a lasting impact here at Crouse,” said Boynton.

Below is a full list of the employees who have received a degree since August 2016:
Jennifer Andino – BSN
Cassie Arvidson – BSN
Lily Barres – MSN, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Christine Beckhusen – ASN
Alexandra Bevivino – BSN
Taryn Bitzer – BSN
Karen Boulos – BSN
Jessica Brown – BSN
Matthew Calnan – Pharm.D.
Caitlin Campeau – BSN
Stacey Castro – BSN
Janine Chack – BSN
Briana Conley – MSN, Education
Elizabeth Dablock – BSN
Colleen Dailey – BSN
Brandon Finton – MS, Telecommunication and Network Management
Alison Fluman – MSN
Kim Frank – ASN
Tori Gushea – BSN
Shereé Hall, RN – MSN, Education
Kyanna Landers – BSN
Jordan Laux – ASN
Abbey Lewis – ASN
Heather Malagese – BSN
Ashley Maynard – BSN
Leah Mitchell, RN – BSN
Jenn Pickard – BSN
Haydee Rolon, ECT – BSW
Gina Sansone – BSN
Laura Schreyer, RN – BSN
Mallory Shaffer – ASN and BS in Biochemistry
Kevin R. Shon – BSN
Tiffany Smart – ASN
Amy Spendlove – BS Health Services Administration
Kelly VanAuken – OTD (clinical doctorate in occupational therapy)
Leslie Wood – BSN
Heather Woolson – BSN
Angela Wornick – BSN
Sara Wyker, RN – MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner