Senior Leadership Hosts Reception for 2015 College Graduates

On Wednesday, Aug. 11, members of the hospital’s Senior Leadership team celebrated the educational achievements of more than 100 members of the Crouse family who earned a college degree at varying levels during 2015.

Those pictured here attended a reception in honor of the graduates, who each received a gift to recognize their efforts at furthering their personal and professional development.

Crouse CEO Kimberly Boynton, who several years ago earned her MBA from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, acknowledged the challenges of working and attending classes.

“We thank you for sacrificing your time outside of Crouse to gain new knowledge that will not only enrich you personally, but will enhance your skills to help keep Crouse strong,” she said.

Employee Degree Subject
Abimbola Otesile BSN
Alexis Devine Associate
Alicia DeWolf MS Mental Health Counseling
Alisha Larrabee BSN
Alison Fluman BSN
Allison Maliszewski BSN
Allison Phillips BSN
Amber Kunitsky MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Amy Smith BSN
Aundraea Desidoro ASN
Bola Shodolamu BSN
Brandy Harvey MSN MBA
Brynne Stockton BSN
Caitlin O’Loughlin BSN
Carla Bowling MSN
Caroline Bernhardt ASN
Casandra Pikarsky BSN
Cheryl Abrams MS Communications Management
Christina Desmarais BSN
Christina Maher Associate
Christol Jennings BSN
Dawn Burr BSN
Derrick Suehs ED Executive Leadership
Diana Dixie BSN
Ebony Thyme BSN
Elizabeth Curran BS
Elizabeth McKeon FNP
Emily Seabrook BSN
Gabe Jansson MS
Gabe Palen Associate
Ginel Gordon BSN
Haley Swift BSN
Hang Nguyen Associate Computer Info Systems
Jaclyn Burkett BSN
James Brody BSN
Jenaye Sutton BSN
Jennifer Arrao MS Healthcare Administration
Jennifer Lewis MSN
Jo-Anne Furcinito MS Family NP
John Rankin BS
Jonathon Blum BSN
Julie Shaw MS Social Work
Kaitlin Terry BS
Kaitlyn Albright Associate
Kara Pafumi Associate
Karen Law MSN
Katelyn Lewis Andersen MS Rehabilitation Counseling
Kathleen Steinmann DO/PhD Doctor of Nursing Practice
Kathryn Miller BSN
Kathryn Pyle Associate
Katie Klee MS Family NP
Katie Swanson ADN
Kayla Dupre Associate Liberal Arts/Sciences
Kelli Harris MBA
Kelly Lopez Miliano Associate
Kelly Mageean BSN
Kelsey Evans Associates
Kerry Lupo BSN
Kevin Duffy BSN
Kimberly McBath Associate
Kristen Coppola Associate
Kristin Smith BSN
Kristina Meyer Associate
Laura Tolbert BSN
Laura Waddington MSN
Lauri Grobsmith BSN
Lindsey White BSHPHP Phys Rehab Serv Admin
Lisa Sansone BSN
Lisa Wilson AAS
Matt McCoy AS
Megan McCabe BSN
Melissa Petion BSN
Michaela Ennis AAS RN
Michele Kires Associate
Molly Lanza BSN
Nancty Popps BSN
Nicole Byrnes BSN
Nyiesha Moore BSN
Paula Welsh MSN
Pauline Burns Herold BSN
Peter McDonald Associate IT-Computer Support
Phillip Eipp BS
Phitsamai Thatvihane MSN
Quynn Costello BSN
Rev Dr Wes Fleming DO/PhD Doctor of Ministry
Reyna Paredes-Paz BSN
Ryan Eastman ASN
Satora Santy AS
Sara Wyker BSN
Sarah Dawson MBA
Sarah Tompkins Associate
Scott Mohr BS Marketing
Shannon Bouchard MS
Shannon Gross BSN
Shannon Ronald BSN
Sherene LaMontagne MSN
Susan Marturano BSN
Susan Ross BS
Susan Stout MS Healthcare Administration
Susannah Steele AAS RN
Tara Box MSN
Tayler Lewis MSN
Trevor Tompkins Associate
Zachary Dyer ASN