Crouse Health Announces Opening of Workforce Development and Training Center

With a goal of providing educational and career advancement resources and opportunities for its 3,200 employees, Crouse Health has established the Crouse Workforce Development and Training Center. Located on 7 West Tower, the dedicated center is designed to support Crouse’s workforce development strategic focus for all Crouse employees.

In partnership with the 1199SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund (TUF) the center will be staffed two days a week by TUF representatives. They will provide union members with workshops, tutoring and resources to help staff in expanding their knowledge base, prepare for classes leading to an advanced degree, or assist in gaining qualifications for job advancement within our organization.

“Our goal is to invest in our current workforce and attract and retain employees who are passionate about the Crouse culture and want to develop or build on the skills and resources needed to advance within our organization,” says Crouse Health President and CEO Seth Kronenberg, MD, adding that services provided through the training site will meet the education and staff development needs of all Crouse employees – both union and non-union.

“We want our employees to stay at Crouse for their entire career. This program will give them the tools and support to do that,” says Dr. Kronenberg.

“The opening of this training center is a true testament to the partnership between Crouse Hospital and 1199SEIU. Jointly there has been a commitment to offer educational and career advancement opportunities to Crouse employees, which in turn will have a lasting impact on their everyday lives,” says Kevin Lockhart, 1199SEIU CNY Area Vice President.

The workforce development initiative will help both Crouse and its employees by:
• promoting career development & advancement
• improving communication and collaboration among employees
• increasing job satisfaction
• enhancing workplace culture
• delivering higher-quality care
• increasing employee retention
• driving change and innovation
• increasing current skillset and knowledge

“With this initiative we’ll be focusing on the recruitment and retention of talented, engaged and diverse clinical and support staff to ensure the long-term success of Crouse and our employees, now and into the future,” says Dr. Kronenberg.