Transfer Center

Process for Direct Admissions & Transfers
1. Contact the Crouse Transfer Center at 315-470-1065 and provide basic demographic and clinical information to Transfer Center RN.

2. Give Transfer Center RN a call-back number where you can be readily available.

3. Transfer Center RN will contact the appropriate admitting physician and connect you with a three-way call to help facilitate efficient bed placement in the hospital and ensure correct patient status (inpatient, outpatient, observation).

4. Physician designee will fax current demographic sheet to the Transfer Center to generate patient account number and begin insurance authorization process.

5. When the patient is accepted for transfer or admission, referring MD (or designee) will be contacted by Transfer Center RN with an account number to allow for off‑site CPOE, if available.

When a Bed is Available
Direct Admissions – Transfer Center will notify the office or the patient of room number.

Transfers – Patient Placement will notify the sending facility of room number and number for RN to RN report.

Kienzle Family Maternity Center, NICU, surgery scheduling, medical imaging and endoscopy will maintain their current process and not be affected.