Breast Cancer Surgery

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer and surgery is required, please know that the individualized attention you require will extend beyond the walls of the Falk Breast Health Center. Our providers partner with Crouse Health surgeons and others so your care is comprehensive and coordinated at a time you need it most.

Our surgeons use breast-conserving therapy (BCT) as our primary mode of treatment. Following surgery, additional therapies, such as radiation or chemotherapy, may be required.

Surgical Options

Most women with breast cancer can be treated using this approach. The portion of breast containing the tumor is removed (lumpectomy) and the healthy tissue is left intact. Studies have shown that this approach can be as effective as a mastectomy in treating certain types of tumors.

Your doctor will discuss your surgical options with you based upon your unique medical situation. Should you and your surgeon determine a mastectomy is more appropriate for your medical condition, there are several options including skin and nipple sparing.

Range of Treatments

One of the most common places for breast cancer to spread is the lymph nodes under your armpit. A sentinel node biopsy tests the nodes and is performed at the time of surgery.

During testing and treatment, you and your surgeon will discuss the range of treatment options available and recommend the treatment protocol most appropriate for your condition. Today, while some women may need or want a mastectomy, the majority can be successfully treated with a lumpectomy to remove just the cancer.

Reconstructive Surgery

Should you and your surgeon determine that a mastectomy is the best course of treatment for your breast cancer, you may be concerned about reconstructive surgery. In many cases, reconstructive surgery is done at the time of the mastectomy and you will be directed for a consultation with a plastic surgeon prior to your procedure.

Some of the factors influencing the decision to perform surgery and the type of surgery required include:

  • Type of cancer
  • Size of the tumor
  • Presence of multiple tumors
  • Location of the tumor
  • History of cancer
  • Treatment history
  • General health history

Our Surgical Partners

Crouse Health partners with CNY Surgical Physicians, one of the area’s most experienced and respected practices.

Our team of surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and trained breast health navigators provides patients with state-of-the-art treatment options for breast disorders. Should surgery be necessary for a cancerous condition, our surgeons can offer all of the current appropriate options including breast conserving therapy and nipple and/or skin sparing mastectomy, including coordination of immediate reconstruction.

Comprehensive and Coordinated Care

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming. And the last thing you need is to have to put all the pieces of treatment and care together yourself. CNY Surgical Physicians and Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY work closely on the behalf of patients through our breast health navigation network. We’ll coordinate your surgery and individualized care with radiology, pathology, and medical and radiation oncology.

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