Allied Health Professionals

Allied health professionals at Crouse Health are key members of our healthcare team, providing a vast array of diagnostic and therapeutic services that support and enhance the care of our patients.

Chemical Dependency Treatment Services – Provides a comprehensive system of assessment and treatment services for alcohol and drug dependent patients (Crouse offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs).

Clinical Nutrition – Provides dietary guidance and plans meals for patients based on their medical condition and needs

Computerized Tomography (CT) – Utilizes scanners to produce cross-section images of patients’ internal organs and tissues for the diagnosis of medical issues

Nuclear Medicine – Operates cameras that detect and map the radioactive drug in a patient’s body to create diagnostic images

Occupational Therapy – Works to improve patient motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Pharmacy – Provides medications for patients and works with the rest of the medical team to check interactions between drugs

Phlebotomy – Obtains blood samples from patients throughout the hospital

Physical Therapy – Works to improve mobility for the patient and reduce disability from illness or injury

Physician Assistant – Assess patients and assist in surgeries under the supervision of the attending surgeon and supervising physicians

Radiology – Produces digital images of the body for physicians to help diagnose patients

Respiratory Therapy – Evaluates patients who have breathing problems affecting the lungs and heart

Speech Therapy – Establishes treatment programs for patients with problems swallowing and communicating
due to injury, disease or illness

Ultrasound – Operates machines to create images of a patient’s internal organs and systems

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Crouse Cares

CrouseCares: Building the Foundation for our Future.


Crouse Cares

CrouseCares: Building the Foundation for our Future.