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At Crouse Health, we’re continually looking at ways to improve our service – through the direct hands-on care we provide our patients, to the way we treat visitors, family members and our co-workers, to the way the hospital looks, both inside and out. As an employee at Crouse, you’ll play a major role in this, no matter what job you perform or what department you work in.

Professional Support 

Business Office – Manages all patient accounts, follows up on payments to the hospital with patients, vendors and other facilities in the area.

Care Coordination – Facilitates appropriate services for all patients to ensure continuum of care and meet the individual’s health needs.

Educational Services – Responsible for the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of orientation, in-service and continuing education programs designed to assist hospital team members in developing their skill sets.

Finance – Coordinates financial data relating to expenses, revenue and balance sheets for the organization.

Health Information Management – Completes medical records for all patients who receive care within the hospital.

Human Resources  Responsible for providing excellent customer service for recruitment, retention, labor relations, benefits and compensation for all current and prospective employees of the hospital.

Information Technology – Supports, administers and manages information systems for both clinical and non-clinical areas.

Patient Access – Interviews incoming patients to verify financial and insurance/benefit information and assures they are aware of hospital policies and procedures.

Transcription – Transcribes dictated reports for all patients in the hospital

Facilities Support

Engineering – Oversees all maintenance activity for the hospital.

Environmental Services – Maintains housekeeping services for all areas of the hospital including patient rooms, service areas and other clinical locations.

Materials Management – Oversees shipping and receiving of all materials that come in and leave the hospital.

Nutritional Services – Responsible for all meal services provided to patients, employees and visitors.

Patient Transport – Provides friendly customer service while coordinating the movement of patients to various locations in the hospital.

Purchasing – Orders products and supplies for all areas of the hospital.

Security – Ensures constant safety for patients, visitors and employees.

Valet – Offers courteous and helpful information while providing parking services for patients and visitors.

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Crouse Cares

CrouseCares: Building the Foundation for our Future.


Crouse Cares

CrouseCares: Building the Foundation for our Future.