Thank You for Supporting Our Crouse Heroes

We extend deep appreciation to the following individuals and companies who have contributed money, supplies, food and other items in support of Crouse Health employees and their fight against COVID-19. Our donations to date have totalled more than $600,000.

AAA Western and Central New York
Abbott Nutrition

David and Cheryl Abrams
Annie Agrasto
Dan Aird

Laurie Albanese
Rachel Albano
Richard J. Albano, PA
Bob Allen
Briana Allen
Cindy Allen and family
Rani Allen
Cynthia Allis

Steve Aloi
Alpha Epsilon Phi – Iota Chapter
Nancy Alzo

Dr. Rebecca G. Anderson-Pickering and Mr. Charles Pickering
Anything But Beer Taproom and Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Arnold

Anne Artini
Barbara Ashkin
Atrium Associate, LLC

Tim Atseff and Peggy Ogden
AT&T Pioneers
Aminy I. Audi
Paul Axford
Marilyn Baader
David and Ellen Bacon

Mary Roberts Bailey
Baker Hughes Digital Solutions

Chris Baker
Mark and Sandy Baker

Ericka M. Balch
Baldwinsville Kiwanis Club

Emily Balian
Julie Ball, NP
Ryan Barker

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Barker
Edward and Sharon Barno
Sean Barron
Beak & Skiff
Jean T. Beers
Margaret and Salvatore Bellavia
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Benko and family

Mr. and Mrs. David Berda
Rob, Katie, Michaela and Briana Bergan
John and Grace Bergemann
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Berkowitz
Lei Berman
Carrie Berse and Chris Skeval
Michael and Donna Berthoff

Mary Jo and John Bertrand
Lisa and Mark Bethmann
Alan Beyel
Cindy Biegley
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Billingham
Angela Binion, PA

Diana Biro
Patricia Black
Susan Black
Joanne C. Blair

Hal and Linda Blanding
Sandra Blasi
Bliss Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bobbett

Boshart Family
Bottar Law, PLLC
Christopher Bousquet
Laurence Gere Bousquet and Lauri Pepe Bousquet
Francine Boutet and Dr. Ralph Janicki

Justin Bowman
Catherine Boyle

Kimberly and Charlie Boynton
Bonnie Bratt
Robert Bratt
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Broadnax
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brockett
Sandra Brown/Grandma Brown Foundation

Brownie Troop #60239
Rina Brule
Ellen Brunet
Jeff Buckley
Budmen Industries
Budget Inn
Burrell Family
Alison Burrows
Lyn Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Burton

Byrne Dairy, Inc.
C&J Farms and Greenhouses

Shannon Caldwell
Victoria Camba, DO

Louis A. and Marilyn M. Canale
Thomas Cannizzaro
Francine Cantor, MD

Danalee Capone
Jerry Caporaso, MD and Hana Jishi, MD

Jennifer Cappuccilli
Joyce G. Carmen
Meghan Parrott Cornish
Rachel Carey

Carrols Corporation
Barbara D. Carpenter
Jim and Peggy Carrick
Roxanne Carrier
Mr. and Mrs. James Casey
Joanne Catanzarita
Deb Cerelli
Debbie and Joe Chaiken
Judith Chase
Dave Chen

Chuck Chernoff
Carolyn Champlin
Megan Chawgo
Margie Chetney
Chick-fil-A/Jimmer Szatowski
David Chmielowiec
Phillip Cicco, NP

City of Syracuse Police Department
Ellen Clark
Laurie Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Clarke

Antonietta Clemente
CNS Girl Scout Troop
CNY Ghost Busters Group

Coca Cola Co.
Suzanne M. Coffey

John and Jill Coggiola
Colleagues and Friends In Memory of Hasan Zakariyya, MD

Larry Comfort
ComSource, Inc.
Connolly Family
Todd Conover and Gary Jones

Elizabeth Costello
Mary Cotter
Carol Coufal
Breona Courcy
Judith Cowden
Olivia Cowling
Judith Cramer

Beth and Randy Crawford
Joan M. Christy and Thomas A. Bersani, MD

Crouse Federal Credit Union
Crouse Hospital Education Services Department
Linda and Mike Crowley

Jameson Crumb
Joseph A. Cudjoe, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Curran, Jr.

Cushman & Wakefield/
Pyramid Brokerage Company
CVS Health
Karen Dabrowski

Joan and Tom Dadey
Diana Daly
Nancy Danchick
Sarah Dancks
The Family of Anthony F. Dannible
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D’Annunzio
James W. Darlington

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DaSilva, Jr.
Michael Davis
Rev. Katherine Day and Mr. Williams Day

Patricia Deferio
Julie Delia
Cindy Delperuto
Sandy Demaline
Paula Dendis
Craig Dennis
Peter and Tamie Derrenbacker
Anne Marie Desmarais
Phyllis and Paul Devlin
Cathy Dickson
John and Brenda Diescher /Diescher Farms

Laura Dietz
Robert Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiLaura

Rick Dillon
Frank and Jackie Dinitto/Globus Medical
Dinosaur BBQ

Margaret Disque
Lisa Dittrich

Catherine A. Diviney
Jennifer and Kevin Donahoe
Dr. Thomas Donvito

Doolittle Family
Matt Doran
Christy Dorsey
Jennier L. Dowling
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Duffy
Dunkin’ Brands

Nancy Durkin
Constance D. Durocher

Jack and Nadine Dye
Michael Egan
Eat Local CNY

John Edlund
Elevate Marketing

Greg Ellstrom
Fade Barbershop/Dan Kane and Ryan Korrie

Falso Family
Carol Farrell
Elsie J. Farrell
Tracie E. Farrell
Zetta and John Fayos

Robert Feak
Feeley Family
Penny Feeney
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferro
Mike and Teresa Filipski

Tony and Gail Fiorito/Partnership Properties, Inc.
Hamilton C. Fish and Frances Rotunno
Drs. Ronald and Linda Fish
Mary Flood
Dell Ford Jordan
Juergen Foehst

Ford Motor Company
Danielle Fortino
Tammy Fortino
Melody A. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fox

John Fox
FOX Syracuse/Cox Media Group
Vincent Frataccia
Dion Frazier

Marianne Fricke
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Froelich
Drs. Carolyn and Paul Frymoyer
Fulton Teachers Association
Mr. and Mrs. John Funiciello

John and Barbara Gaal
Jennifer Gabriel
Jeri Gallauresi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galusha
Tracy Gardner
Betty L. Gasparek
Edda G. Gauthier

Desiree Geremia
Carol Gerow
Gary Gerzinski

Cari Giacolone
Susan Gibson
Sue Gilberti
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gildemeyer

Girl Scout Troop #10053
Girl Scout Troop #30369
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Godfrey
Christina Godlewski, PA
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gold
Debbie Goldwein and David Rudd

Bea Gonzalez
Johnn Gooley
Wendy and Michael Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Gorea

Mary Jane Gotham
Kelly Grace

Megan Grant
Derek Graver
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Graves

Green Family Foundation, Inc.
Christine Green
Catherine A. Greenia
Mike Grieb
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Groskin

Dr. and Mrs. Zachary Grossman
Mary V. Guarino
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guglielmo

Joseph Guss
Marilyn S. Hanson
Karen Hatter and family

Diane Halsey
Linda Hannon
Brian Harmon/Chiesi USA
Karen Harroun
Elizabeth A. Hartnett
Maureen A. Hartnett

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hartzheim
Andrew Hathaway, MD
Cheryl Hawkins
Hay Family
Gina Hayes, MD

Liz Hayes
The Hayner Hoyt Construction
Lindsey Hazelton
David W. Henderson
Kimberly Henry, NP

Marijane Hewett
Catherine Hickok
Joan D. Hiller
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hiller, Jr.
Kathleen Hinchman

Kristine and David Horn
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
Nancy Hazzard

Matt Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Hueber
Tom Huegel
James Hughes
Humphrey Family
Gina Husted/Skippy’s Ice Cream

Lynn and Jason Hy
Robert Hyla
Catherin R. Iber

IBEW Local #43
In Line Motion
Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Iorizzo
Drs. Timothy and Lisa Izant
The Ivy Boutique

Jeanne Jackson
The Jacobs Family
Maureen Jacuk

Jerome Jaworski
Lewis and Julie Johnson
Michele and David Johnson
Lynette Johnson
Lucia Jordan
Michael Jorolemon, DO

Dr. Nikhil Joshi and Dr. Swati Murthy
Shirley A. Julian

Junior Troop #1047
Paul Jutzeler
K&C Custom Engraving
Dr. Krista Kandel and Mr. Benjamin Kandel

Patricia W. Kane
The Kara Fund
Barb Karas and Family
Michael S. Karas
Galina Kaszlak
Kate Farms
Mary Kelly

Kathleen Kemblowski
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kennedy
Kimberly Kiefl
Michael Kinahan and family
Diane E. King

The King Family
King + King Architects
Scott and Doreen Kingsley
John Kinney
Susan R. Klenk
Wendy Knox

Mary E. Kobis
Jack and Polly Koerner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kondra
KPH Healthcare Services, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Kopecky
Daniel Krawczyk

Roseann and Terry Kresser
Paul and Martha Kronenberg
Seth and Meredith Kronenberg
Patricia Krupke
Cynthia Kruth
Donna Krzykowski
Michael Kupiec
Labatt Brewery

Mary Jo Lakomski
Gene and Donna LaLone
Lamar Advertising Company
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Landsberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Lantier
Andrew and Chrissy Wojcik Larew

Last Thursday Night Band
Nicole Latini
Norene F. Lavine
Karen Law, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lawrence
Leonard Family
Maurice and Lesley Lepine
Earl A. Lewis
Qiuyan Liao
Lighthouse Life Sciences
Michael Lisson
Douglas J. Logan

Mr. and Mrs. Tarky Lombardi, III
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Longo
Mary J. Lutz
Gavin P. Lynch, DDS

Carol Macaluso
Allison Macrae
Cynthia Madigan
Madison County Distillery
Madison Financial Planning
Gerald M. Mager
Patti Mahshie

Jon Maloff
The Maloney Family
Robert W. Manfredi

Thomas Manfredi
Gwyn and Patrick Mannion
Michelle Martino
Masks for Doctors
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Mason

Kimberly A. Masterpole
Mary and Jerry Mathews
Joyce Mawhinney MacKnight

Linda May
Elizabeth McCarthy
Frank C. McDowell
Diane Wright McKenney

Sarah McIlvain
Sarah Stuart McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. James McNeil
Jack and Polly McNerney
Mead Johnson Nutrition

MedTech/MedCare, LLC
Mel’s Market
Margaret C. Meier
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Mendel

Bill Mercer
Chris Merkley

Gayon B. and John Meyer
Michelle Michael-Korn

Paula Michael
David Miller
Debbie Miller
Drs. James Mills and Eileen Stone

Jennifer Mills
Kim and David Mineker

Mary Ann Minsterman-Kitchner
Diane and Bob Miron
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miron
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitscher
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Montani

Marguerite Montross
Christine O’Connell More and Randal K. More

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morrell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moses
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moskal
Eric and Judy Mower
Andrey Moyko, MD

Mike Murabito
Teri Murano
Meaghan Murphy, PA
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy
Virginia and Kevin Murphy
Kathleen A. Murray
Ryan Murray

Vince Musolino
Karen and Bill Myers
Michael Nendza
Neonatal Associates of CNY

Kim Nguyen and Family
Mary Nichols
Diane Nies
Jason Nilsson

Leslie Noble
Hemi D. Norami
Ted and Mary-Pat Northrup

NY Spine & Wellness Center
O’Connell Electric Company
Dr. and Mrs. Anis I. Obeid
Brittani O’Connell

Don O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Dell
Mr. and Mrs. Don Onderdonk

One Commonwealth Associates, LLC
Onondaga Center
Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office
Operation Gratitude
Sally Anne Orcott

John and Lori O’Reilly
Sue O’Reilly
Joann O’Rourke

Kathleen Osbelt
Morgan Osborne
Michael Osoway
Ellen Owens
Jill Ozinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Paolini

Jonathan Parry
Pasquale Family Charitable Foundation
Aryan Patel
Karen Pavia
Mary Pawloski

Jeff Pears
Sue Pears
PepsiCo Foodservice – Workplace
Christine Perkins
Amy and Simon Perez

Michael Perry
Peterson Guadagnolo Consulting Engineers, PC
Beverly Petterelli

Phi Delta Theta
Karen Lane Phillips

The Pier
David J. Pida
Onetia T. Pierson

Kimberly Pietro
Christine Pinnelli
Pioneer Companies
Karen Piraino
Matt Pitre
Cindy Plantholt
Yelena Pogorelsky

Nancy and Richard Polachek
Pomeroy College of Nursing Staff
William G. Pomeroy Foundation
Karen Porcello
Cara Potamianos
Melissa Potratz
The Potter Family
Jean Pounder/Park Lane Jewelry

David Powers and Family
Pam Power
Jennifer Prochna
The Promise Land Church

Jeff Pu
Michelle Pullano
Purcell’s Paints
Theresa Quilty
Gary Quirk and Charlotte Haas
Kate Racculia

Mary Race
Andrea Rachetta

Marie Radley
Raghu Ramaswamy, MBBS

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Randall
Lorraine Rapp and Dr. Jeff Kirshner
Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

Mark Re and Nancy Pasquale
Joan Raymond

Kathy Redmond
Rebecca Reeves, MD

Mary Regin
Michael and Pamela Reilly
Renzi Foodservice

Paul Retkwa
Patrick Rey
Mr. and Mrs. John Reymond
Marilyn Rheinwald
Nancy Keefe Rhodes
Dr. Elizabeth Riccardi and Mr. Matthew Mckee
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Richard

Holly Rine
Isabel Rodolico
Ernestine Cooper Rogers

Andel Rose
Eric and Kim Rose
Melissa Rosenberg

Miles Ross
Allyson Rossi
Mary Rougeau
Doug Roussin
Ellie Rowe
Brad Roy
Anne Ruffer and Dr. Mickey Lebowitz
Theodore A. Rupracht

Maria P. and Richard A. Russell
Rina Russo/Amarin (Vescepa)

Russo Produce Company
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rusyniak

Shawn Ryan
Saab Sensis Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. David Sampson

Rebekah Sargent
Shannon LaLone Saik
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Schader

Edward Schalk & Sons
David Scharoun
Nancy L. Schisa
Cpl. Kyle R. Schneider Foundation/Rick and Lorie Schneider

Jim and Kathy Schofield
Anne Scholl
Daniel Schulman
Sam Schwartzman
Toni and Dave Seabrook
Mary and David J. Seeley, MD

Dr. Lawrence and Connie Semel
Sam Serianni
Jamie Sessler
Eva Shanley
Agnes Shaver
DJ Shepard

Mr. and Mrs. David Shopiro
Evan Shore
Barry and Debrah Shulman
Kurt Sibley
Karen Sigona

Jaclyn Silverman
Praveen K. Simlote, DDS
Anne Simmons
Tracey and Ellis Simon
Greg Siwicki
Chris Skeval
Joanne Skeval
Dr. and Mrs. Brian K. Smith

Frank C. Smith, MD
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
Ralph Smith

Shyler Smith
Jeffry Sneider, MD
Frederick Sniper

Colleen Snow
Kathy Snyder

Orysya Sokolowski
Paul and Kathy Solomon
Solon Quinn Studios
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Sorbello

Mark Sostrin
Laura Spanfelder

Michele Spenard
Michele and Vincent Spina
Helen E. Stacy

Tracy Stauffer
Drs. Richard and Kathleen Steinmann
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stephenson
Carol Stewart

Analisa Stinziano
Michele Stirpe
Melvin and Patricia Stith
Allyson St. Laurent
Denise St. Pierre
Kathleen J. Stockmann

Donna Stoner
Strategic Development Specialists, LLC
Maria Street
Bob and Louise Stuenzi

Patrick Strutz
Mr. and Mrs. William Stuart

Suburban Propane
Sullivan’s Car Care Center, Inc.

Marilyn Susskin
Sutton Real Estate Company
Syracuse Chinese Community
Syracuse Gastroenterological Associates
Syracuse Mets/Jason Smorol
Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists
Syracuse Police Department
Syracuse Stage
Syracuse University
Katarzyna Szczurek
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taft
Nikki Tassone

Nancy A. Tillman
Barbara Tomchik

George Tremiti, MD
Anne Trojnar
Alice M. Tucker

Upstate Medical Physics
Usherwood Office Technology
Jeffrey Toczydlowski
Tribute Evening – Crouse Strong Supporters

Trillium Sport & Fitness/Barb St. Pierre
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Trinca
Gregg Tripoli
Triumph Over Stroke CNY
Usherwood Office Technology

Peter Valenti
The Valin Family
Heather Vallet
Melissa Vangel
Vincent Vannicola

Carol Van Skiver
Vascular Surgeons of CNY

Chuck and Sue Vaughn
Vector Construction Company
Jason Venditti/The Venditti Agency

Mark Ventrone
Vietnamese Community of Syracuse
Vollmer Farms

Maclea Von Hunke
Daniel Vona
Wadsworth Mechanical
Kris Waelder

Joanne Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker

Tracy Walker
Lt. Col. Ret. and Mrs. Thomas H. Walsh, Jr.

Max and Frances Walts
Hayes H. Wanamaker, MD
Michael J. Warner
Steve Warren and Jennifer Johansson
Jennifer Watkins
Waygate Technologies

Richard and Rosemarie Weathers
David and Constance Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Weiss
Clover Weitsman
Welch Construction, Inc.
Ellen West
Darryll Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. David Wheeler
Fred and Karen Whitney
Captain Karen L. Wickert
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wiley
Richard Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams
Diane Willis

Lance and Raechelle Willix
Lauren Wilson
Wireless Business Group, LLC
Marshia K. Witting
The Wladis Law Firm
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Wolf

David Wolfe
Nancy W. Wolfe
Mark and Reghan Worden
Kathleen A. Workman
Carol Yaeger-Rosario
Richard Yeazel
Mr. and Mrs. George Yerdon

Jean Young
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary J. Zuckerman

Jenna Zukswert

Due to the volume of gifts received, we may have inadvertently omitted some donors from this list. If your name is missing, please let us know by e-mailing Thank you.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Donate now to help support our Crouse Heroes.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Donate now to help support our Crouse Heroes.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund