Crouse Provides Opportunities to Grow and Follow ICU Dreams

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Say hello to ICU team members Bianca Archange, RN, and Ivo Perez Torres, RN, who have taken advantage of career advancement opportunities to discover their passion for critical care nursing.

Bianca Archange, RN, started working at Crouse in 2016 while attending Onondaga Community College, with the intention of transferring to Binghamton University for pre-med. While working in dietary, she was impressed by the nurses providing care, attention, support and, most importantly, being compassionate to their patients. “Seeing that made me realize I wanted to work closely with patients,” says Bianca.

Since she was already in school, Bianca chose something that would be “fast and short to learn.” That’s when she decided to become a phlebotomist. “I enjoyed the interaction with different patients and continued watching the nurses being proficient, confident and showing a positive attitude at their jobs while helping people get better,” says Bianca. She soon realized she no longer wanted to go to BU, and instead applied to nursing school, graduating in May 2022.

Bianca is currently working in the ICU as a graduate nurse. She says she likes working at Crouse because of the culture and welcoming atmosphere. “I chose critical care nursing because I want to be part of a team that treats and helps people when they are most vulnerable. It’s rewarding to see them get better.”

“Crouse has allowed me to follow my dream. Everyone is ready to help and if they can’t, they point you in the right direction. Crouse is where I planted my seed and now I’m starting to grow and flourish with the Crouse family.

Bianca’s colleague in the ICU, Ivo Perez Torres, RN, was born in Cuba, where he lived until coming to the US in 2017. Ivo crossed 10 countries, from South America and Central America to reach the US border, where he was admitted as a refugee. “A refugee agency took care of me and relocated me here to Syracuse. I immediately got a CNA certification and started my prerequisites to apply to a nursing program.”

After working 18 months at Loretto, Ivo came to Crouse in 2019 as a nursing assistant. “I worked every weekend nights all through nursing school.”

Ivo says he’s always wanted to work in critical care. “I like to use my knowledge and skills to the fullest and I also function really well under stress. I like the fact that I can do assessments and interventions that will help someone live. That’s why I applied to the ICU at Crouse and was lucky enough to be accepted.”

“I love my job and really believe I made all the right choices that brought me to this moment at Crouse.”

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