Maternity Experience Exceptional: DAISY Award Honoree

By: Crouse News

Amma Chanthabourny, RN, receives DAISY Award Dec. 6.

Thank you to Matt Sourwine, and his wife Taylor, who nominated OB nurse Amma Chanthabounmy, RN, (center) for a DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence. The award was presented to her today by (left to right) Betty O’Connor, director of Women and Infants Services; Interim Chief Nursing Officer Lynne Shopiro; Brynne Stockton; and Val Acker.

Matt’s nomination submission: My wife Taylor had a C-section at Crouse for the delivery of our second son. Since the surgery, she’d been in quite a bit of pain but overall, she did phenomenally. A big reason for that is because of how amazing the OB staff is. Carepassion is a reality here at Crouse and we couldn’t be happier.

Amma is a nurse who we’d been honored to have for two straight days and she delivered exceptional care to my wife. She is worthy of the prestigious DAISY Award.

She was always going above and beyond, every time she came through our door. When I think of a perfect nurse — Amma’s it. You can tell she loves what she does and she did a wonderful job of making my wife feel comfortable and providing her with such great advice. She gave our son his first bath and we watched her with amazement as she treated him with such love and care. She also went above and beyond helping my wife breastfeed. Our son was having difficulty latching on one side, but Amma tried several different methods that helped.

She was always so professional and I know Crouse would be proud of her work ethic: she’s so good at what she does. With her, we always knew we were in good hands.

Amma has stood out as a nurse willing and able to go beyond the normal responsibilities. A big thank you to Amma for everything she did during our stay. We will be forever grateful!

We thank Amma and the entire Crouse OB team for the exceptional care they provide with each and every delivery!



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