Saluting Our Crouse Family Military Members

By: Crouse News

military appreciation from Crouse
As we commemorate Memorial Day 2020, we also salute members of the Crouse family who have served in a branch of the United States military. We thank them for their service to our country and to the Central New York healthcare community.

Yasser Abazeed – Egyptian Army

Aaron Armelino – U.S. Navy

Tim Breezee – U.S. Army

Francine Cantor, MD – U.S. Army

Dan Cianchetta – U.S. Air Force

Kyle Dreverman – U.S. Marine Corps

Jacklyn Godfrey – U.S. Army

Ted Gottbrecht – U.S. Navy

Rusty Haas – U.S. Army Reserves

Kimberly Henry – U.S. Army

Marie Huaqui – U.S. Marine Corps

Pam Jones – U.S. Navy

Mike Kupiec – U.S. Army Reserves

David Lawless – U.S. Marine Corps

Jason Martin – U.S. Marine Corps

David Mason, MD – U.S. Army National Guard & Operation Iraqi Freedom

John Mattes – U.S. Army

Steve Medve – U.S. Navy

Anne Milewski-Craner – U.S. Air Force

Jason Nilsson – U.S. Army

Stephen Page – U.S. Air Force

Jacklyn Papalski – U.S. Navy

Karen Petris – U.S. Air Force

Cheryl Sreca – U.S. Army

Chris Scribner – U.S. Army

Chris Van Vliet – U.S. Marines Corps

Tony Waddell – U.S. Air Force

Marianne Wormworth – U.S. Army


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