Hispanic Heritage Month: Café Colao

September 21, 2022

Frankie Sanabria

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we would like to share the love we have for our culture, by way of coffee.

All around the world, coffee is a staple that is shared by many and can be served in different ways. My brother, Dennis, likes his coffee with piping hot milk and sugar, which is often the most traditional way to drink it, and is best known as “café con leche.” On the other hand, I love my coffee strong and black, with a touch of cinnamon and sugar.

The beauty of it all is that a simple cup of coffee, served in diverse ways, can create spaces of inclusion, where we sit down and enjoy our coffee together. Dennis and I like to call this our “Café Colao” culture.

The term Café Colao is a Hispanic phrase for fresh brewed coffee that is often made in the simplest and traditional way possible. This method of brewing coffee grains in the Latin culture has been around for many decades and we wanted to share it with you as we move forward into the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Enjoy!

— Frankie Sanabria, Patient Care Transporter (pictured above) & Dennis Sanabria, Manager, Patient Access