Employees Celebrating Milestone Years

Each year, during Employee Recognition Week, we recognize the members of our Crouse family for continuing to live our mission, vision and values.

In 2021, we have 423 employees celebrating ‘milestone’ years!

Join us in congratulating our employees, who we thank for their dedicated service.

Celebrating 45 Years

Patricia Murray, Purchasing
Joong Hee Kim, Recovery Care Center

Celebrating 40 Years

Nancy Goldacker, Engineering
Kim Shannon, Patient & Guest Relations
Linda Halko, Nurse Practitioners
Peter Sinatra, Nurse Practitioners
Jennie Sullivan, Women & Childrens Admin
Laura Ilacqua, Surgical Suite / OR
Kathleen Stehle, Surgical Suite / OR
Karen Mullarney, Post Anesthesia Care (PACU)
Mary Ellen Agosh, Recovery Care Center
Robert Vertigan, Radiology Interventional
Christopher Herkala, Sterile Reprocessing
Susan Dingman, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Evelyn Comer, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Kathleen Steinmann, Specialty Nursing Adm.
Margaret Fiorini, Perinatal 8 Irving
Arlene Joe, Perinatal 8 Irving
Damarys Diaz-Pease, Neonatology 9 Irving
Linda Kurz, Neonatology 9 Irving
Mary Flood, Emergency Department
Mary Kullman, Emergency Department
Kathleen Murphy, MI Surgery Center
Cheryl O’Donnell, MI Surgery Center
Diane Shaw, MI Surgery Center

Celebrating 35 Years

Deborah Halligan, Crouse Testing Center
Amy Tompkins, Crouse Testing Center
Susan Yerdon, Business Office
Keith Moleski, Information Technology
Dawn Burr, Health Information Management
Shirley Williams, College Of Nursing
Andrea Call, Infection Control
Helen Johnson, Surgical Suite / OR
William Shanley, Respiratory Therapy
James Guyle, Radiology Interventional
Deborah Burbank, Pharmacy
Christy Dorsey, Materials Management
Barbara Lyke, OB Float Pool
Sandra Labarge, Perinatal 7 Irving
Lisa Ellis, Neonatology 9 Irving
Lynn Nares, Neonatology 9 Irving
Teresa Skandalis, MI Surgery Center

Celebrating 30 Years

Erick Mccarthy, Business Office
Sandra Winters, Nutritional Services
Alice Callahan, Health Information Management
Karen Bennett, Community Engagement
Gina Furco, Recovery Care Center
Chele Conley, Radiology Interventional
Tracy Gardner, Radiology Admin
Vanessa Vire, Materials Management
Warren Hawley, Sterile Reprocessing
Beverly Pesano, Med/Surg 5S Irv Med/Surg
Kelly Corcoran, Perinatal 7 Irving
Virginia Soffietti, Perinatal 8 Irving
Brenda Harrington, Neonatology 9 Irving
Donna Komrowski, Neonatology 9 Irving
Karla Piazza, Neonatology 9 Irving
Debra Pocyntyluk, Neonatology 9 Irving
Michael Baggett, Patient Transport
Andy Csermak, Patient Transport
Patricia Bednarski, Intensive Care ICU
Marie Sardo, Commonwealth
Martin Evans, POB Surgery Center

Celebrating 25 Years

Isaac Gary, Surgical Registrar
Tracey Tortorello, Human Resources
Daniel Cianchetta, Information Technology
Mary Kobis, Information Technology
Samantha Castro, Environmental Services
Duane Tracy, Environmental Services
Martin Liquori, Engineering
Ruth Sikora, Nurse Practitioners
Rolanda Lemon, Surgical Suite / OR
Derick Vaughn, Surgical Suite / OR
Julie Hall, Physical Rehab Services
Jay Sauve, Radiology CT Scan
Joan Phillips, Sterile Reprocessing
Eric Brown, Echocardiography
Theresa Cottet, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Carol Mccaffrey, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Connie Floyd, Med/Surg 5S Irv Med/Surg
Karen Grant, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Annemarie Cosper, Med/Surg Float Staff
Jane Calnon, Med/Surg 4 Mem Bari/Colorectal
Kelly Vickers, Med/Surg 4 Mem Bari/Colorectal
Ann Maher, Neonatology 9 Irving
Joseph Pilon, Intensive Care ICU
Angela Gonzalez, Addiction Treatment Services
Kelly Mageean, Opioid Treatment Program

Celebrating 20 Years

Shauna Lauer, Crouse Testing Center
Tiffany Glass, Johnson Business Office
Michele Sancomb, Business Office
Yolanda Withers, Nutritional Services
Brian Brothers, Environmental Services
Jenny Johnson, Health Information Management
Dorcas Rodriguez, Health Information Management
Rebecca Walsh, Health Information Management
Karen Sigona, Quality Improvement
Nancy Williams, Patient & Guest Relations
Tobie Kenyon, Infection Control
Elizabeth Mccarthy, HELP People
Tonya Swift-Freeman, Cardiac Services Admin
Eric Prusinowski, IP Surgical Services Admin
Ida Bowie, Surgical Suite / OR
Timothy Klementowski, Surgical Suite / OR
Alysia Ziemba, Surgical Suite / OR
John Crawford, Respiratory Therapy
Marianne Fricke, Physical Rehab Services
Kristen O’Brien, Physical Rehab Services -IP Speech
Jason Bender, Pharmacy
Ramiz Buja, Materials Management
Carlos Cannon, Materials Management
Sean Brathwaite, Sterile Reprocessing
Diane Brown, Sterile Reprocessing
Robin Freeman, Sterile Reprocessing
April Stevens, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Valerie Acker, Perinatal 7 Irving
Michele Kolceski, Perinatal 7 Irving
Carrie Hanlon, Perinatal 8 Irving
Anne Bouissey, Neonatology 9 Irving
Katie Campanella, Neonatology 9 Irving
Tania Flanagan, Neonatology 9 Irving
Deborah Kumanowski, Neonatology 9 Irving
Stephanie Roberts, Emergency Department
Felicia Hall, Commonwealth
Ede Hughes, Commonwealth
Marsha Krell, Commonwealth
Jackie Brouse, Opioid Treatment Program
Brian Johnson, Opioid Treatment Program
Germaine O’Donnell, POB Surgery Center
Patricia Strempel, Addiction Treatment Services

Celebrating 15 Years

Jayme Cantello, Business Office
Julie Jackson, Business Office
Cathy Barry, Patient Access
Klarissa Wake, Human Resources
Eileen Hall, Health Office
Ashley Cook, Employee Pharmacy
Carmen Hill, Environmental Services
Richard Hathaway, Security & Parking
Mark Tyler, Security & Parking
Nancy Carnowski, Care Coordination Services
Kristen Grant, Health Information Management
Mary Kocher, Health Information Management
Lynette Johnson, Quality Improvement
Faith Terry, Community Engagement
Wendy Campbell, Nurse Practitioners
Amy Graham, College of Nursing Admin
Cynthia Cusson, Med/Surg Administration
Grace Castro-Ecal, Surgical Suite / OR
Cynthia Donalson, Surgical Suite / OR
Raymond Hernandez, Surgical Suite / OR
Tina Patterson, Surgical Suite / OR
Donna Wittenbeck, Surgical Suite / OR
Tracy Hrynio, Respiratory Therapy
Matthew Ripke, Respiratory Therapy
Maureen Henesey, Physical Rehab-IP Occupational
David Harris, Radiology Diagnostic
Jody Simiele, Radiology Breast Program
Mandee Harris, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Michelle Durham, Radiology Scheduling
Kathleen Kenyon, Radiology Scheduling
Kathy Crone, Pharmacy
Christine Smith, Pharmacy
Christopher Scribner, Materials Management
Jose Vargas, Endoscopy
Jean Merrill, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Robert Savage, Med/Surg 5S Irv Med/Surg
Jillian Mastroleo, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Anne Giromini, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Tammy Dann, Med/Surg 7 Mem
Kate Fogarty, Med/Surg 7 Mem
Sharon Petrocci, Med/Surg 7 Mem
Teresa Pascarella, OB Float Pool
Ammalaphone Chanthabounmy, Perinatal 7 Irving
Lori Smith, Perinatal 7 Irving
Tatyana Stashkiv, Perinatal 7 Irving
Joann Osier, Perinatal 8 Irving
Laura Beattie, Neonatology 9 Irving
Tashia Campbell, Phlebotomy
Elizabeth Donai-Smith, Phlebotomy
Sandra Garcia, Patient Transport
Frederick Kimber, Patient Transport
Gregory Reed, Emergency Department
Tina Kohout, Commonwealth
Lynda Naples, Commonwealth
Sotora Santy, Commonwealth
Nicole Vulcano, Commonwealth
Monika Taylor, Addiction Treatment Services Admin
Opal Woods, Opioid Treatment Program
Beth Applegate-Debo, POB Surgery Center
Shannon Campbell, POB Surgery Center
Rachel Guido, MI Surgery Center

Celebrating 10 Years

Michelle Antonacci, Business Office
Emily Fortino, Business Office
Patricia Krigbaum, Business Office
Nancy Linton, Patient Access
Philip Dickerson, Nutritional Services
Donald Jacobs, Nutritional Services
Gerard Manganiello, Security & Parking
Pawel Szwej, Security & Parking
Catherine Burkett, Physician Assistants
David Darmody, Physician Assistants
Jozette Abbott, ED Care Coordination
Caitlin Andrews, Health Information Management
Misty Defalco, Health Information Management
Shana Collins, College Of Nursing
Emily Young, Education & Professional Development
Svetlana Dyer, Patient & Guest Relations
Patrick Crehan, Nurse Practitioners
Jennifer Kocak, Jazzman Cafe
Laura Schreyer, Med/Surg Administration
Shante Lewis, Surgical Suite / OR
Susan Young, Surgical Suite / OR
Peter Cole, Recovery Care Center
Catherine Satimore, Recovery Care Center
Carol Vrabel, Recovery Care Center
Jared Boyd, Anesthesia
Lea Yap, Radiology Diagnostic
Kevin Sanborn, Radiology CT Scan
Stephen Tiedemann, Radiology CT Scan
Kaitlin Titus, Radiology Ultrasound
Tiffany Broadwater, Radiology Scheduling
Suzanne Linder, Pharmacy
Alaina Dipaola, Sterile Reprocessing
Chanel Henderson, Sterile Reprocessing
Rebecca Owen, Sterile Reprocessing
David Henry, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Tabitha Love, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Chelsey Davis, Med/Surg 5S Irv Med/Surg
Allison Lukins, Med/Surg 5S Irv Med/Surg
Trisha O’Connor, Med/Surg 5S Irv Med/Surg
Jonathan Galang, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Tonika Jackson, Med/Surg Float Staff
Colleen Conklin, Med/Surg 7 Mem
Amanda Commisso, Med/Surg 4 Mem Bari/Colorectal
Tara Wing, OB Float Pool
Anne Coniski, Perinatal 8 Irving
Jessica Hollister, Neonatology 9 Irving
Christine Mathews, Neonatology 9 Irving
Heather Mcenelly, Neonatology 9 Irving
Danielle Parody, Neonatology 9 Irving
Stacie Romano, Neonatology 9 Irving
Angela Decharleroy, Emergency Department
Kim Fabianek, Emergency Department
Elizabeth Heenan, Emergency Department
Gina Hayes, ED Physicians
Hagop Isnar, ED Physicians
David Mason, ED Physicians
Dawn Greene, Opioid Treatment Program
Eryn Bell, POB Surgery Center
Peter Frateschi, POB Surgery Center

Celebrating 5 Years

Barbara Karas, Crouse Health Foundation
Amir Smajlovic, Finance
Bessie Gilliam, Business Office
Charlene Fair, Business Office
Jessica Smith, Provider Services
Tina Mohn, Provider Services
Tina Haines, Patient Access
Leonard Pickard, Information Technology
Paula Dendis, Information Technology
Peter Mcdonald, Information Technology
Gabriel Jansson, Information Technology
Abid Kadric, Nutritional Services
Leah Davis, Nutritional Services
Joshua Queior, Nutritional Services
Yam Bhattarai, Nutritional Services
Surieyia Williams, Clinical Nutrition Services
Eric Lynch, Environmental Services
Tracy Raymond, Environmental Services
Lindsay Gillard, Environmental Services
David Graham, Environmental Services
Jeremy Barton, Security & Parking
David Mineker, Security & Parking
Peter Kaplanoff, Engineering
Daniel Abraham, Engineering
Joseph Case, Engineering
Maureen Berical, Nutritional Services Admin
Paul Feliu, Hospitalist Service
Jordan Wills, Hospitalist Service
Christopher Watts, Physician Assistants
Haydee Rolon-Menifee, ED Care Coordination
Karen Jenks, Care Coordination Services
Deidre Leathers, Health Information Management
Dorothy Haag, College Of Nursing
Lee Shanique Geust Patient & Guest Relations
Lynee Hamm, Community Engagement
Christina Giaprakis, Clinically Integrated Network
Nathan Keever, Community Memorial Physicians
Kenneth Kendall, College of Nursing Admin
Amy Christou, IP Surgical Services Admin
Brad Bowman, Surgical Suite / OR
Allyson Bussieres, Surgical Suite / OR
Patricia Miller, Surgical Suite / OR
Melvin Jamison Jr., Surgical Suite / OR
Alexis Abert, Surgical Suite / OR
Cassie Arvidson, Surgical Suite / OR
Zachary Connors, Surgical Suite / OR
Katherine Martel-Rodriguez, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Nicole King, Pediatric RCC
Charquasia Ferebee, Anesthesia
Jazene Rouson, Anesthesia
Tiffany Seals, Anesthesia
Megan Jarvis, Anesthesia
Mary Huxford, Respiratory Therapy
Kristina Marks, Respiratory Therapy
Christa Yennie, Respiratory Therapy
Caitlynn Lewis, Respiratory Therapy
Ryan Courtright, Physical Rehab Services
Chelsea Tiffin, Physical Rehab Services
Rachel Macri, Physical Rehab Services
James Smith, Physical Rehab Services
Kelly Van Auken, Physical Rehab-IP Occupational
Emily Tedesco, Radiology Diagnostic
Kayla Dupre, Radiology Diagnostic
Jaclyn Thurston, Radiology Diagnostic
Stacey Kniskern, Radiology Diagnostic
Corey Pazzalia, Radiology CT Scan
Michael Ryan, Radiology CT Scan
Alexander Rushia, Radiology CT Scan
Wendy Cleary, Radiology Diagnostic CNY
Paige Johnson, Radiology Ultrasound CNY
Bridget Atkinson, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Peter Carl, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Elizabeth Bertrand, Cardiology Outpatient Testing
Richard Rozhon, Cardiology Outpatient Testing
Lisa Tomkos, Cardiology Outpatient Testing
Randy Woolworth, Cardiology Outpatient Testing
Mitchell Roy, Cardiology Outpatient Testing
Laura Reichert, Radiology Ultrasound
Victor Thomas, MRI
Christine Bouchard, Pharmacy
Rosemary Sovocool, Pharmacy
Shanea Holmes, Materials Management
Amanda Braley, Sterile Reprocessing
Sarah Swartfiguer, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Samantha Kellogg, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Gina Fiorini, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Kandace Laverne, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Shannon Leahy, Med/Surg 6N Irv Neuroscience
Ranata Freeman, Med/Surg 6N Irv Neuroscience
Stephanie St. Thomas, Med/Surg 6N Irv Neuroscience
Sarah Rutherford Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Reegan O’Meara, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Aislinn Lacorazza, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Megan Crary, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Emily Heinz, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Stephanie Denson, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Zoe Bailey, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Jennifer Vanvranken, Med/Surg 4N Irv Telemetry
Allison Philips, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Margaret Race, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Kimberly Sierzenga, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Nancy Popps, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Stephenna Stephens, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Kathryn Plouffe, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Della Onfroy-Carter, Med/Surg 4S Irv Oncology
Jennifer Gibson, Med/Surg Float Staff
Kaytlyn Liquori, Med/Surg Float Staff
Sherita Semple, Med/SurgFloat Staff
Antoinette Knighton, Med/Surg 7 Mem
Sarah Menter, Specialty Nursing Adm.
Calsonja Mcalpine, Med/Surg 4 Mem Bari/Colorectal
Jacob Smiedy, S.W.A.T.
Rachel Umbenhouer, S.W.A.T.
Amber-Jean Bishop, OB Float Pool
Amanda Britschge, OB Float Pool
Michelle Tramonte, OB Float Pool
Angela Quirino, Perinatal 7 Irving
Kelly Seubert, Perinatal 7 Irving
Bobbi Hough, Perinatal 7 Irving
Jaleesa Williams, Perinatal 7 Irving
Celeste Carroll, Perinatal 7 Irving
Emine Buja, Perinatal 7 Irving
Carrie Spack, Perinatal 8 Irving
Keelia Duger, Perinatal 8 Irving
Julie Moore, Perinatal 8 Irving
Mary Bardou, Perinatal 8 Irving
Courtney Cosentino, Perinatal 8 Irving
Perrin Kaftan, Perinatal 8 Irving
Christine Paoletti, Neonatology 9 Irving
Jessica Ryman, Neonatology 9 Irving
Petra Brune, Neonatology 9 Irving
Sabrina Canfield, Neonatology 9 Irving
Melissa Seeber, Neonatology 9 Irving
Kristina Masouras, Neonatology 9 Irving
Susannah Larock, Neonatology 9 Irving
Leanna Hill, Neonatology 9 Irving
Kate Kasperek, Neonatology 9 Irving
Christina Haught, Neonatology 9 Irving
Shanti Crouch, Neonatology 9 Irving
Shannon Lopedito, Neonatology 9 Irving
Vicky Ware, Phlebotomy
Maria Gudlin, Vascular Access
James Milazzo, Patient Transport
Alyssa Downey, Intensive Care
Ashley Stagnitta, Intensive Care
Tetiana Shchevelova, Intensive Care
Samantha Conklin, Intensive Care
Tiffany Broadwater, Intensive Care
Brett Smith, Intensive Care
Kaitlin Terry, Intensive Care
Barbara Ross, Emergency Department
Joseph Stout, Emergency Department
Mellisa Rice, Emergency Department
Mariah Pritchard, Emergency Department
Kim Neilly, Emergency Department
Richard Roberts, Emergency Department
Seirrah Blandino, Emergency Department
Andrey Moyko, ED Physicians
Naveen Seth, ED Physicians
Janyl Jones, Commonwealth
Sara Manley, Commonwealth
Jennifer Gleason, Addiction Treatment Services
Kristie Dinant, Addiction Treatment Services
Garey Wadleigh, Opioid Treatment Program
Meghan Hart, POB Surgery Center

Careers at Crouse

We offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical career opportunities.

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Careers at Crouse

We offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical career opportunities.

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