Employees Celebrating Milestone Years

Each year, during Employee Recognition Week, we recognize the members of our Crouse family for continuing to live our mission, vision and values.

In 2023, we have 381 employees celebrating ‘milestone’ years!

Join us in congratulating our employees, who we thank for their dedicated service.

Celebrating 50 Years
Candace Evans, Emergency Department
Mary Murano, IP Surgical Services

Celebrating 45 Years
Loretta Mitchell, 6S Irving Unit
Amy Detran, Madison-Irving Anesthesia
Donnette Damon, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Leonard Richer, Respiratory Therapy

Celebrating 40 Years
Rebecca Klee, Business Office
Lisa Kallquist, Crouse Testing Center
Sally Willis, Emergency Department
Patricia Moses, Emergency Department
Sharon Corcoran, Health Office
Charlotte Noonan, IP Surgical Services
Deborah Neuman, Lactation Services
Cathy Lacomb, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Kathleen Anderson, NICU
Nancy Lee Haggerty, NICU
Mary Thayer, NICU
Maryann Ward, Nutritional Services
Kathleen Russo, Nutritional Services
Rose Vono, Nutritional Services
Maria Meola, Nutritional Services
Dale Franz, Pharmacy
Kelly Palmer, Pharmacy
Bonnie Donofrio, Radiology Breast Program

Celebrating 35 Years
Joy Allison Stromski, Crouse Testing Center
Brenda Ginter, Clinical Nutrition Services
Candi Maestri, Commonwealth
Diane Downes Lloyd, Edc & Professional Development
Toni Robinson, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Carol Storrie, Internal Medicine – Brittonfield
James Blanchfield, Internal Med – Syracuse
MaryAnn Esposito, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Diane Goode, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Debra Jones, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Barbara Archer, NICU
Jacqueline King, NICU
Elizabeth Richer, NICU
Debra Jo Sonnacchio, NICU
Ellen Crehan, Nurse Practitioners
Susan O’Reilly, Nutritional Services
Melissa Dabbiero, Nutritional Services
Jill Spado, Pediatric RCC
Karen Kane, 7 Irving Unit
Mattie Bacon, 8 Irving Unit
Dianna Sabotka, Phlebotomy
Robert Gathmann, Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Angela Stephens, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Heidi Dudley, Vascular Access
Dana Demore, Vascular Access

Celebrating 30 Years
Sally Dulcich, Care Coordination Services
Terry Zahler, Edc & Professional Development
Richard Schneider, Medical Imaging – CT Scan
John Bergemann, Human Resources
Richard Perkins, ICU
Kolleen Fuller, Nurse Practitioners
M. Gina Garcy, Nurse Practitioners
Marcia Kellogg, OB Float Pool
Tambria Jones, Patient Placement
Gabriella Davis, 8 Irving Unit
Charles Brown, Pharmacy
Patricia Colwell, Radiology Ultrasound
Bonnie Chase, Sterile Reprocessing
Angie Christian, Surgical Suite / OR WSC
Jennifer Cross, Women & Childrens Admin

Celebrating 25 Years
Patricia Logan, Business Office
Pamela Power, Care Coordination
Jeffrey MacBeth, Addiction Treatment Services
Karen Mauro, Addiction Treatment Services
Jo Sykes-Smith, Community Engagement
Michael Mastroleo, Crouse Medical Group
Dianna Brann, Crouse Testing Center
Toni Hunter-Barnes, Crouse Testing Center
Cara Pinoargotte, Crouse Testing Center
Diana Wadsworth, Crouse Testing Center
Michele Domachowske, ED Care Coordination
Fouad Boulos, ED Physicians
Karen Murphy, ED Physicians
Richard Steinmann, ED Physicians
Kelly Ostrowski, Emergency Department
Johnson Pham, Environmental Services
Nayaba Nixon, Internal Med – Syracuse
Roni Schulman, IP Surgical Services
John Mattes, Materials Management
Thomas Herbert, 4N Irving Unit
Gina Gamble, 5S Irving Unit
Kimberly Wood, NICU
Patricia Coleman, Nurse Practitioners
Velvet Wright, Patient & Guest Relations
Kathleen Casper, Pediatric RCC
Jamie Bouchard, 8 Irving Unit
Kecia Maas, 8 Irving Unit
David Materazzo, POB Surgery Center
Elaine Devereaux, PACU
Vickie Dimaggio, PACU
James Course, Respiratory Therapy
Elmer Millis, Respiratory Therapy
Tonia Russell, Sterile Reprocessing
Donald Spurza, Sterile Reprocessing

Celebrating 20 Years
Dawn Lisenko, Business Office
Rosemary Alberti, Care Coordination
Jorge Delvalle, Commonwealth
Beth Napiorkowski, Emergency Department
Paul Riker, Grant/Resource Income
Ernest DeWolf, Information Technology
John Kelley, Information Technology
Lisa Carentz, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
Pamela Rolince, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
Jacqueline Cole, Internal Med – Brittonfield
Tammy Lobdell, Materials Management
Guyaneh Markarian, 4N Irving Unit
Lauren Brilbeck, 4S Irving Unit
Linda Churchill,  4S Irving Unit
Soosan Mathews, 5S Irving Unit
Angela Otis, 7 Irving Unit
Dawn Bezon, 8 Irving Unit
Elizabeth Dablock, 8 Irving Unit
Zeeve Kelchner, 8 Irving Unit
Thomas Fricke, Physical Rehab – Inpatient
Shannon Cannon, Purchasing
Terry Godzac, Respiratory Therapy
Jennifer Pedley, Respiratory Therapy
Jason Cappelletti, Security & Parking
Todd Olrich, Specialty Nursing Admin
Nicole Shaw, Surgical Suite / OR WSC
Siegfred Pineda, Surgical Suite / OR WSC

Celebrating 15 Years
Lynn Christensen, Business Office
Lisa Brinkerhoff, Cardiac Services
Matthew Gorman, Cardiology
Marisa Hoppenstedt, Addiction Treatment Services
Kathleen Fischer, College Of Nursing
Beth Grella, Commonwealth
Lorraine Carpenter, Commonwealth
Nadia Bey-Wright, Commonwealth
Janet Takach, Echocardiography
Nicole Dawkins, ED Care Coordination
Melisa Ciciarelli, Emergency Department
David Cohen, Employee Pharmacy
Brian King, Engineering
Janis Edmunds, Health Information Management
Shannon Tarson, Health Information Management
Binette Shannon, Health Information Management
Stacey Hafter, Health Information Management
Oana Manta, Hospitalist Service
Raphael Vaverchak, Information Technology
Mark Erlebacher, Internal Med – Manlius
Melissa Hess, Internal Med – Manlius
Heather Bullock,  5s Irving Unit
Jessica Gardner, 6s Irving Unit
Debra Doupe, Medical Staff Administration
Jimmy Villafane, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Jessica Crawford, NICU
Lina Mamont, NICU
Greg Brown, Nutritional Services
Kristin Lawless, OB Float Pool
Deborah Patterson, Ostomy
Janelle Harris, Patient Access
Jessica Mcbride, Patient Access
Karen Munro, Patient Access
Kimberly Williams, Pediatric RCC
Amylynne Matteson, 7 Irving Unit
Erin Fitzgerald,  7 Irving Unit
Brandy St. Clair, 8 Irving Unit
Corinne Baker, Pharmacy
Jenifer Lee, Pharmacy
Stephen Page, Physical Rehab – Brittonfield
Wendy Page, Physical Rehab – Inpatient
Elizabeth Compeau, Physical Rehab – IP Occupational
Richard Albano, Physician Assistants
Kimberly Bartholomew, POB Surgery Center
Hollie Zimmerman, Radiology
Stacey Carver, Radiology
Wendy Aspinall, Radiology Interventional
Jennifer Passage, Radiology Interventional
Amanda Kirkwood, Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Deborah Bay, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Theresa Clute, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Christine Hildman, Surgical Registrar
Kathleen Gaiser, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Krista Safranko, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Shannon Spuches, Vascular Access

Celebrating 10 Years
Jeffrey Ascenzo, Cardiology
Shannon Murphy, Cardiology
Martin Obey, Cardiology
Jean Salomone, Care Coordination Services
Colleen Dailey, Care Coordination Services
Britney Parent, Addiction Treatment Services
Kristina Jenne, Addiction Treatment Services
Erin Smith, Addiction Treatment Services
Victoria Andrews, Clinics Psych
Generosa Peters, Commonwealth – Nutritional Services
Jessica Liepke, Community Engagement
Phillip Eipp, Edc & Professional Development
Robert Sullivan, Engineering
Cheri Richards, Environmental Services
Christian Macpherson, Environmental Services
Liberty Latzkowski, Environmental Services
Mary Mccauley, Environmental Services
Kim Reitz, Environmental Services
Kimberly Rose, Executive Administration
Amy Lazzarini, GI Hospitalists
Danielle Fortino, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Renee Kociela, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Brenna Kutler, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Daniel York, Information Technology
Chad Chase, Information Technology
Matthew Cooney, Information Technology
Robert Masters, Information Technology
Pam Connelly, Information Technology
Elizabeth Vanderberg, ICU
Samantha Cuda, ICU
Michael Osoway, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
William Sheehan, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
Joan Bush, Internal Med – Syracuse
Nichole Danzey, Materials Management
Elide Darby, 4n Irving Unit
Tabiatha Esperon, 4s Irving Unit
Deborah Shih, 4s Irving Unit
Amanda Desimone, 6s Irving Unit
Andrew Eckhardt, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Mary Thompson, Midwife Services
Allison Lewis, NICU
Teresa Bogart, NICU
Robin Hallinan, NICU
Carl Santoferrara, NICU
Jameson Crumb, Neurosurgery
Mackenzie Freund, Neurosurgery
Kaitlyn Hazelmyer, Nurse Practitioners
Heather Sgroi, Nurse Practitioners
Dinela Salkic, Nutritional Services
Laura Mcmanus, Nutritional Services
Teresa Whipple, Ostomy
Diane Furfaro, Patient & Guest Relations
Jolene Pierson, Patient Access
Francisco Sanabria, Patient Transport
Elisa Cerul,  7 Irving Unit
Serenity Freeman, 8 Irving Unit
Tracey Banks, 8 Irving Unit
Kathryn Gaal, 8 Irving Unit
Patricia Kibby, 8 Irving Unit
Petronilla Krause, 8 Irving Unit
Jeffrey Jenkins, Pharmacy
Chevita Knighton, Pharmacy
Danielle Neuman, Radiology Breast Program
Lois Caryl, Radiology CT Scan
Craig Cramphin, Radiology CT Scan
Andrew Ryman, Respiratory Therapy
Tanesha Moore, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Kristen Clifford, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Grace Skeele, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Lori Bugbee, Telecommunications
Melissa Waldron-Clary, Telecommunications
Megan Ottman, Vascular Access

Celebrating 5 Years
Rebecca Christman, 8 Irving Unit
Christina Encarnacion, 8 Irving Unit
Michaela Ennis, 8 Irving Unit
Julie Morasco, 8 Irving Unit
Ama Kutin-Boateng, Physical Rehab Inpatient
Christopher Limoncelli, Physical Rehab – Inpatient
Sue Maxfield, Physical Rehab – IP Speech
Clare Murphy, Physical Rehab – IP Speech
Matthew Sherwood, Physician Assistants
Valerie Hernandez, POB Surgery Center
Lindsey Chirinos, PACU
Marlee Guy, Radiology CT Scan
Matthew Morreale, Radiology Diagnostic
Natalie Lauber, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Brianna Riggall, Respiratory Therapy
Raymond Messick, S.W.A.T.
Tyler Rech, Security & Parking
Mckenzie Welch-Melie, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Jennifer Dowling, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Steffanie Dyer, Surgical Suite / Or Wsc
Jessica Forte, Vascular Access
Darlece Ledezma, Vascular Access
Seth Kronenberg, Executive Administration

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Careers at Crouse

We offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical career opportunities.

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