Employees Celebrating Milestone Years

Each year, during Employee Service Recognition Week, we recognize the members of our Crouse family for continuing to live our mission, vision and values.

In 2020, we have 405 employees celebrating ‘milestone’ years!

Join us in congratulating our employees, who we thank for their dedicated service.

Celebrating 45 Years

Stanley Bogwicz, Radiology CT Scan CNY
Kathleen Bruno, Surgical Suite/OR

Celebrating 40 Years

Cynthia Kroll, Surgical Suite / OR
Laverne Ostack, Med/Surg 4 North Irving Telemetry
Patricia Gentile, Crouse Testing Center
Catherine Wolf, Education & Professional Development
Pauline Burns Herold, Neonatology
Barbara Rogalia, Madison-Irving Anesthesia
Patricia Murphy, Crouse Credit Union
Ann Hyde, Intensive Care Unit
Janet Durling, Respiratory Therapy
Paula Hillery, Crouse Testing Center
Marie Lefevre, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
Diane Travers, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Anna Sturtz, Phlebotomy
Donna Cico, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Robyn Dudley, Perinatal 7 Irving
Donna Ladley, Crouse Credit Union
Susan Britt, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Joanne Humphrey, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Elizabeth O’Connor, Women & Childrens Administration
Elizabeth Byrd, Internal Medicine Brittonfield

Celebrating 35 Years

Wendy Fascia, Respiratory Therapy
Kevin Conway, Information Technology
Jeanette Callaghan, Neonatology 9 Irving
Leah Pineda, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Patricia Nolan, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Patricia Austin, POB Surgery Center
Luann Lafrance, POB Surgery Center
Cynthia Bane, Crouse Testing Center
Rick Torrance, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
Dennis Davis, Sterile Reprocessing
Suhair Jones, Catering Services
Susan Hughes, Materials Management
Margaret Martin, POB Surgery Center
Loretta Watkins, Radiology Scheduling
Mary Datta, Respiratory Therapy
Michele Kires, Med/Surg 4S Irving Oncology
Suzanne O’Laughlin, Recovery Care Center (RCC)

Celebrating 30 Years

Bruce Bacon, Environmental Services
Jeffrey Bates, Information Technology
Meghan Boyce, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Mary Burr, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Marie Burton, POB Surgery Center
Sally Campbell, Health Office
Joan Dadey, Pomeroy College Of Nursing
Donna Diliberto Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Keith Gilmer, Pharmacy
Robin Harris, Med/Surg 5S Irving Med/Surg
Brenda Harrison, Post Anesthesia Care (PACU)
Diane Jones, Surgical Suite/OR
Lynn Porter, Perinatal 7 Irving
Meridee Sauve, Neonatology 9 Irving
Frank Vogtle, Information Technology
Kimberly Witherbee, Patient Access

Celebrating 25 Years

Lynne Button, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Mary Kott, Phlebotomy
Michael Brown, Engineering
David Kent, Materials Management
Kristin Waterstripe, Lactation Services
Margaret Raymond, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Russell Hornby, Post Anesthesia Care (PACU)
Cynthia Elliott, Surgical Suite/OR
Lisa Przywara, POB Surgery Center
Lorie Abbott, Crouse Testing Center
Leilani Beardsley, Surgical Suite/OR
Karen Loveless, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Betty Wagner, Environmental Services
Michele Decirce, Materials Management
Veronica Clanton, Business Office
Kathleen Miller-Murphy, Community Engagement
Carole Gaston, Cardiology
Albert Tripodi, Internal Medicine Camillus
Erik Daly, Internal Medicine Syracuse

Celebrating 20 Years

Kimberly Foody, Health Information Management
Paulette Miller, Nurse Practitioners
Janet Lottermoser, Health Office
Jaime Ayotte, Patient Access
Michael Harding, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Philip Favreau, Employee Pharmacy
Mary Condon, Community Engagement
Cinnamon Caloia, Intensive Care Unit
Darlene Carroll, Perinatal 8 Irving
Nancy Rhodes, Commonwealth
Catherine Aber, Pomeroy College Of Nursing
Kathryn Evenson, Patient Placement
Joanne Brzostek, Med/Surg 4 Memorial Bari/Colorectal
Kathleen Neveldine, Business Office
Susan Carney, Surgical Suite/OR
Hamilton Lopes, Health Information Management
David Martin, Infection Control
Lorie Chapman, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Edward Frey, Security & Parking
Cynthia Pyrtle, Med/Surg 6N Irving Neuroscience
Jill Rainbow, Perinatal 7 Irving
Darlene Stanger, Med/Surg 6S Irv Orthopedics
Katie Shepard, Risk Management
Penny Vermette, Radiology Breast Health Center
Crystal Palmer, Med/Surg 6S Irving Orthopedics
Lisa Wilson, Med/Surg Float Staff
Angania Lively-Smith, Neuroscience ICU
Amanda Martin, Perinatal 7 Irving
Renee Kotas, Radiology Scheduling
Lynnette Devoe, POB Surgery Center
Tana Osada, Neonatology 9 Irving
Sheila O’Donnell, Cardiology
Kisha Tuitt, Internal Medicine Syracuse

Celebrating 15 Years

Bethaney Hemmer, Information Technology
Shenique Strothers, Patient Transport
Linda Robinson, Intensive Care Unit
Jill Farrance, Perinatal 8 Irving
Sean Mcneil, Radiology CT Scan
Michelle Olney, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Barbara Carpenter, Medical Staff Administration
Amanda Leggett, Commonwealth
Glynis Clark, Employee Pharmacy
Cathleen Tanzella, Crouse Testing Center
Kristine Waelder, Communications
Mitchell Lebowitz, Provider Services
Nicole Coggi, Surgical Suite/OR
Michael Naccari, Radiology
Jennifer Obremski, Business Office
Naresh Aeleti, Physical Rehab Services
Baron Blake, Commonwealth
Jay Cole, Commonwealth
Andrew Schiano, Emergency Department
James Mills, Respiratory Therapy
Ann Lesselroth, Pomeroy College Of Nursing
Patricia Morgan, Pomeroy College of Nursing
Flossie Black, Environmental Services
Kevin Wheeler, Information Technology
Rosetta Sturgis, Environmental Services
Winston Skerritt, Commonwealth
Bridget Sunkes, Pomeroy College Of Nursing
Sarah Murphy, Post Anesthesia Care (PACU)
Stacey Piscitell, OB Float Pool
Maria Paccone, Phlebotomy
Tina Bubniak, Med/Surg 4Memorial Bari/Colorectal
Sandra Stojkovski, Radiology Ultrasound CNY
Carrie Carruthers, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Cathleen Pilon, Vascular Access
Russell Greene, Security & Parking
Lisa Lappano, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Elizabeth Mckeon, Commonwealth
Shannon Kellogg, Surgical Suite/OR
Aimee Monica, Health Information Management
Bridgett Cook, Surgical Suite/OR
Sandra Coughlin, Health Information Management
Michael Lund, Engineering
Timothy Rautio, Information Technology
Sherene Lamontagne, Nurse Practitioners
Cindy Relyea, Lactation Services
Michael Woolson, Security & Parking
Martha Ganley, Physical Rehab Services
Alan Cushman Echocardiography
Thomas Dunn, Finance
Audrey Starczek, Lactation Services
June Edwards, Patient Access
Julie Jankowski, Crouse Credit Union
Linda Campbell, Environmental Services
Marlow Giarrosso, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Michelle Miller, Business Office
Nicola Vigliotti, Radiology CT Scan
Mary Townsend, Surgical Suite/OR
Stephan Alkins, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Jessica Redmond, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Mary Frances Witte, Interventional Spine & Pain

Celebrating 10 Years

Christine Smith, OB Float Pool
Maura Antalek, Med/Surg Float Staff
Kelly Abbott, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Amy Bartlett,, Med/Surg 6N Irving Neuroscience
Diane Furfaro, Volunteer Services
Heather Dence, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Kathleen Egan, Vascular Access
Stacy Varre, Human Resources
Heather Pappas, Patient Access
Svetlana Kazantsev, Phlebotomy
Melinda Mcminn, Palliative Medicine Service
Paddy Awuor, Intensive Care Unit
Seth Haller, Radiology Diagnostic
Robert Weigand, Environmental Services
Yohandra Ambati, Neuroscience ICU
Karen Fountain, Perinatal 8 Irving
Robert Kaplan, Hospitalist Service
Jordann Micheletti, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Lucinda Walts, Pomeroy College Of Nursing
Ashley Cummings, Med/Surg 4S Irving Oncology
Ronald Lewis, Sterile Reprocessing
Matthew Madonia, Radiology CT Scan
Nicholas Raut, Respiratory Therapy
Tatyana Rubakha, Med/Surg 6S Irving Orthopedics
Sarah Tyner, Neonatology 9 Irving
Sara Mcneil, Infection Control
Helen Lewis, Environmental Services
Kelly Furey, Med/Surg 4S Irving Oncology
Stephanie Geno, Neurophysiology
Jacqueline Hanlon, Neonatology 9 Irving
Jaclyn Dinitto, Med/Surg Float Staff
Lindsey White, Physical Rehab
Trisha Hornick, Med/Surg 5S Irving Med/Surg
Andrea Goyette, Emergency Department
Kaleigh Smith, Neonatology 9 Irving
Ashley Engelbrecht, Neonatology 9 Irving
Jean Coe, Environmental Services
Levoy Davis, Pharmacy
Heather Neely, Nutritional Services
Angela Yakuta, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Barbara Carroll, Patient Access
Alexis Campbell Neonatology 9 Irving
Kimberly Hammonds, Med/Surg 6S Irving Orthopedics
Jennifer Marsh, Radiology Breast Health Center
Timothy Dodge, Engineering
Melissa Barraque, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Lisa Miles, Physical Rehab
Heather Wertz, Education & Professional Development
Shari Belden. Surgical Suite/OR
Alan English, Information Technology
Tina Porter, Perinatal 7 Irving
David Wolfe, Education & Professional Development
Tyrie Capers, Environmental Services
Karen Marshall, Physician Assistants
Renee Kirchgraber, Nursing Administration
Victoria Clark, Neonatology 9 Irving
Jeffrey Romanick, Emergency Department
Rachel Albano, Med/Surg 7 Memorial
Brandy Harvey, Patient Placement
Elizabeth Petro, Med/Surg 4S Irving Oncology
Karen Creme, Crouse Testing Center
Diana Dixie, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Kim Harris-Boyden, Neonatology 9 Irving
Michael Munson-Burke, Physician Assistants
Bridget Szakalski, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Aileen Wood, Vascular Access
Michael Jorolemon, ED Physicians
Dorothy Jacobs, Cardiology
Lackavane Clancy, Cardiology
Michele Greco, Internal Medicine Syracuse
David Di Cesar, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Heather Paddock, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Sarah Gentile, Lab

Celebrating 5 Years

Kyahrae Beauchene, Perinatal 8 Irving
Pascal Field, Med/Surg 2 Memorial
John Hale, Surgical Suite/OR
John Calpeter, Nutritional Services
Elizabeth Hurley, Med/Surg 6N Irving Neuroscience
Tracie Leinbach, Nurse Practitioners
Victoria Odell, Clinical Nutrition Services
John Pell, Materials Management
Erin Wilbur, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Judith Runfola, Education & Professional Development
Elena Gabriel, Radiology Interventional Neuro
Rebecca Green, Radiology Interventional
Carin Hotaling, ED Care Coordination
Cheryl Kurzinski, Health Information Management
Mandy O’Neil, Radiology Breast Health Center
Marilyn Rheinwald, Provider Services
Katherine Kuney, Med/Surg 5S Irving Med/Surg
Katie Anderson, Neonatology 9 Irving
Robert Dreitlein, Security & Parking
Mary Hewitt, Environmental Services
Jake Hopps, Security & Parking
Zachary Marsh, ED Care Coordination
Shamal Matthews, Environmental Services
Annie Moore, Emergency Department
Michelle Stevens, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Adam Twombly, Security & Parking
Nicole Baidel, General Administration
Nellie Diez, Med/Surg Administration
Munib Dizdarevic, Respiratory Therapy
Julie Lewis, Neonatology 9 Irving
Patrick O’Leary, Surgical Suite/OR
Whitney Russell, Patient Access
Julie Brien, Health Information Mgmt
Mack Darby, Security & Parking
Todd Davison, Respiratory Therapy
Michelle Fenner, Intensive Care Unit
Heather Malagese, Intensive Care Unit
Michael Rulffes, Provider Services
Laura Symonds, Intensive Care Unit
Kayla Tyler, Patient Transport
Cassandra Brown, General Administration
Alla Bosovyk, Respiratory Therapy
Jayme Fabbri, Radiology Interventional Neuro
Jason Phelps, Radiology Interventional Neuro
Erica Salvetti, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Jennifer Sohl, Nurse Practitioners
Christina Wheelock, Med/Surg 6S Irving Orthopedics
Roberta Blunt, Med/Surg 4Memorial Bari/Colorectal
Kyle Cashel, Information Technology
Irina Gonchar, Radiology Diagnostic CNY
Breianna Kenney, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Lisa Ardner, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Lyndy Mendillo, Pharmacy
Christina Mazza, Respiratory Therapy
Patrick Ogar, Radiology Interventional Neuro
Jeffrey Robinson, Risk Management
Keri Shaffer, Med/Surg 4N Irving Telemetry
Margaret Thomas, Pharmacy
Joseph Cudjoe, Hospitalist Service
Kerry Dougherty, Surgical Suite/OR
Brittany Grabiec, Neonatology 9 Irving
Ann Grosso, Pomeroy College Of Nursing
Sarah Kenderdine, Emergency Department
Christine Kowaleski, Women & Childrens
Taylor Mizro, Respiratory Therapy
Erin Wood, Surgical Suite/OR
Almedin Bektic, Purchasing
Irene Borja, Nurse Practitioners
Lisa Brown, Neonatology 9 Irving
Katherine Dishaw, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Shakira Dornford, Care Coordination Services
Andrew Gaydo, Hospitalist Service
Jennifer Kline, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Agnieszka Kulesza, Intensive Care Unit
Jesus Marcelo, Nutritional Services
Traci Mcculskey, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
Jacqueline Stroman, Sterile Reprocessing
Seth Torrice, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Michele Spenard, Finance
Natalie Brumbaugh, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Katie Lewis, Clinical Nutrition Services
Maureen Northrup, General Administration
Eric Russell, Med/Surg 6S Irving Orthopedics
Sarah Salamone, Emergency Department
Bridie Severance, OB Float Pool
Nicholas Bailey, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Jessica Joerger, Finance
Pamela Platt, Radiology Diagnostic
Julia Pototsky, Perinatal 8 Irving
Chad Shoemaker, Respiratory Therapy
Kyaw Wai, Hospitalist Service
Breanne Albright, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Amy Brown, Intensive Care ICU
Caitlin Collins, Emergency Department
Mandy Kirsch, Grant/Resource Income
Jolene Hoskins, Nutritional Services
Tammy Sullivan, Health Information Management
Christina Tarolli, Heart Cath Lab – Adult
Dale Smith, Intensive Care Monitor Tech
Jennifer Snyder, Radiology Ultrasound
Samantha Balduzzi, Care Coordination
Christopher Freeman, Patient Transport
Ryan Grabiec, Med/Surg Administration
Sean Barron, Finance
Steven Bigness, Nutritional Services
Katherine Rippentrop, Recovery Care Center (RCC)
Karen Wickert, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Ryan Eastman, Intensive Care Unit
Eric Kurtz, Information Technology
Daniel Turton, Information Technology
Stephanie Johnson, Physical Rehab
Keri Pelton, Med/Surg 5S Irving Med/Surg
Angela Wynn, Med/Surg 6N Irving Neuroscience
Mary Teske, Surgical Suite/OR
Mary Allen, Nurse Practitioners
Thomas Fox, Health Information Management
Samantha Ancillotti, Materials Management
Craig Decker, Physical Rehab
Joyce Sherman, Health Information Management
Ciera Tousaw, IP Surgical Services
Erin Brown, Physician Assistants
Felicia Glasford, Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
Brigitte Gucciardi, Perinatal 7 Irving
Seth Kronenberg, Executive Administration
Ashley Mazzoli, Perinatal 8 Irving
Gina Sansone, Pomeroy College Of Nursing
Cheryl Sreca, Radiology Breast Health Center
Kara Peck, Cardiology
Brenda Irwin-Murdock, Cardiology
Deanna Procopio, Cardiology
Todd Lentz, Internal Medicine Camillus
Diana Gantt, Internal Medicine Manlius
Lynn Roesch, Internal Medicine Manlius
Monazza Ahmed, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Soubhi Azar, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Elizabeth Cali, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Mary Nguyen, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Crystal Trombley, Internal Medicine Syracuse
Jeanette Reese, Interventional Spine & Pain
Tabatha Jorgensen, Neurology
Raghu Ramaswamy, Neurosurgery


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Careers at Crouse

We offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical career opportunities.

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