Employees Celebrating Milestone Years

Each year, during Employee Recognition Week, we recognize the members of our Crouse family for continuing to live our mission, vision and values.

In 2022, we have 382 employees celebrating ‘milestone’ years!

Join us in congratulating our employees, who we thank for their dedicated service.

Celebrating 50 Years

Jan Crumb, Emergency Department
Charleen Insalaco, Lactation Services

Celebrating 45 Years

Cynthia Hubbard, Crouse Testing Center
Kathyrn Marsella, Surgical Services
Jill Hauswirth, Surgical Services
Carol VanOrden, NICU
Michelle Gorham, Respiratory Therapy

Celebrating 40 Years

Kathleen Costello, Care Coordination
Doreen Masella, College of Nursing
Lenise Galster, Commonwealth
Debra Dixon, Credit Union
Kim Phillips, Crouse Testing Center
Kathryn Rushmore, Lactation Services
Sandra Sistrunk, Med/Surg Float Staff
Michelle Barry, Madison-Irving Surgery Center
Sheilagh Riley, NICU
Sandra Gulino, NICU
Rebecca Jewel, 7 Irving Unit
Debra Michalak, Pharmacy
Patricia Hourihan, POB Surgery Center
Ann Marie Kazmirski, POB Surgery Center
Jean Marie Beeles, Radiology
Marion Korzeniewski, Security & Parking

Celebrating 35 Years

Danette Romano, Crouse Testing Center
Alyce Ligoci, Environmental Services
Stephanie Cosentino, Finance
Theodore Gottbrecht, IT
Helen Bain, ICU
Patricia Sorbello, ICU
Thomas Zubrowski, 4 North Irving Unit
Cheryl Gatlin, 4 North Irving Unit
Melissa O’Neill, 5 South Irving Unit
Karen Carbacio, 5 South Irving Unit
Leona Harris, NICU
Frieda Mayer-Allen, 8 Irving Unit
Theresa Marks, PACU
Marianna Wormworth, Surgical Suite

Celebrating 30 Years

Barbara Fero, Clinically Integrated Network
Lory Macknik, Emergency Department
Andrea Rachetta, Executive Administration
Linda Raut, General Administration
Nancy Chalone, HelpPeople
Katherine Debo, 4 South Irving Unit
Margaret Wagner, 5 South Irving Unit
Barbara Richards, 6 North Irving Unit
Ruth Kirk, 6 South Irving Unit
Heidi Czajkowski, 6 South Irving Unit
Christina Spossey, NICU
Nancy Zimmerman, OB Float Pool
Barbara Favreau, Pharmacy
Jacqueline Salvador, Radiology Breast Program
Kimberly Dubois, Radiology
Barbara Burgess, RCC
Tammie Feldman, Sterile Processing
Kevin Saunders, Surgical Suite
Lisa Calabria, Laboratory

Celebrating 25 Years

Ruby Glass, Anesthesia
Susan Harp, Cardiology
Gerri Sobko, Care Coordination
Susan McCarthy, Care Coordination
Brenda Miles, Clinical Nutrition Services
Paul Drake, General Administration
Christi Jamieson, General Administration
Amy Metcalfe, ICU
Wendy Knox, Surgical Services
Diane Rockwell, Medical Staff Administration
Melissa Welch, NICU
Carlette McGlown, NICU
Paulette Gorman, Nurse Practitioners
Roanna Abborino, Nurse Practitioners
Jeananne Gibeault, Nurse Practitioners
Janet Gregory, Opioid Treatment Program
Dorothy Edwards, 7 Irving Unit
Christina Farchette, Pharmacy
Cynthia Gillette, Physical Rehabilitation Services
John Keilbasinski, Physical Rehabilitation Services
Carol Lynn Barbagallo, PACU
Rebecca Morgan, Purcharing
Jennifer Watkins, Quality Improvement
Renee James, Radiologoy
Marianne Paussa, Respiratory Therapy
Louis Gatto, Security & Parking
Colleen Getz, Surgical Suite
Mark Wilcox, Laboratory

Celebrating 20 Years

Maud White, Clinically Integrated Network
Joanne Catanzarita, College of Nursing
Bonnie Direnzo, Care Coordination
James Eiholzer, Emergency Department
Deborah Montrond, Finance
Kristen Difulo, Finance
Hang Nguyen, Health Information Manangement
Karen Richardson, Health Information Management
Amber Crawford, IT
Laurie VanBramer, IT
Deborah Fields, ICU
Kelly Mancari, ICU
Zhiyun Wang, 4 North Irving Unit
Karen Guynup, 4 South Irving Unit
Susanne Gurdo, NICU
Gemma Lawrence Atkins, Opioid Treatment Program
Tamara Chilson, Patient Placement
Gretchen Nicholas, 7 Irving Unit
Jennifer Gersna, 7 Irving Unit
Karen Comins, Pharmacy
Kathleen Ingianni, Physical Rehabilitation Services
Kathleen Bidwell, POB Surgery Center
Jeanette Rivenburgh, PACU
Maxine Degonzaque, Purchasing
Bradford Hellwig, Radiology Administration
Melanie Gordon, Radiology Breast Program
Patrick Hoffstead, Radiology
Yvonne Treglia, Radiology
Jennifer Gross-Livingston, Respiratory Therapy
Stephanie Durant Fritzen, Respiratory Therapy
AlexAndrea Hammond, Surgical Suite
Linda Lynch-Meaney, Cardiology
Christina Brassie, Endocrinology

Celebrating 15 Years

Rebecca McClean, Business Office
Peter Bacel, Addiction Treatment Services
Ericka Jones, Clinical Nutrition Services
Louise Blujus, Commonwealth
Brenda Paul, Commonwealth
Michele Caliva, Community Engagement
Karen Ramsdell, Educational Services
Ashlee Barbano, Emergency Department
Alisha Waterstripe, Emergency Department
Rusty Haas, Emergency Department
Hilary Reeves, Emergency Department
Carol Beeman, Employee Pharmacy
Jay Allen, Engineering
Lisa Babiarz, Environmental Services
Christopher Noel, Finance
Nakiesha Williams, Health Information Management
Tracy Bassil, Health Information Management
Jill Zablotny, Health Information Management
Kristen Tuper, Heart Cath Lab
Danielle O’Meal, Heart Cath Lab
Hana Jishi, Hospitalists
Lisa Dittrich, Human Resources
Suzanne Boltman, IT
Paul Sorbello, ICU
Stephen Sherman, ICU
Jennifer Arrao, Surgical Services Administration
Christy Sargent, 4 North Irving Unit
Lesya Shvets, 6 North Irving Unit
Lisa Sansone, 6 North Irving Unit
Mike Moyko, Med/Surg Float Staff
Jill Bolton, NICU
Lisa Arroyo, NICU
Oksana Kasov, Neurosciences
Josephine Henderson, Nutritional Services
Sarah D’Amico, Patient Access
Shannon Luskin, Patient Placement
Sarah Dinneen, Pediatric RCC
Megan Auringer, 7 Irving Unit
Jennifer Harwood, 7 Irving Unit
Patti Giachetti, 8 Irving Unit
Tori Gushea, 8 Irving Unit
Megan Bauer, 8 Irving Unit
Jennifer O’Selmo-Brogan, 8 Irving Unit
Brice Madore, Pharmacy
Patricia Inserra, Pharmacy
Tracy Arnold, Phelbotomy
Donald Klock, POB Surgery Center
Rachel Carey, Quality Improvement
Johanna Lefever, Quality Improvement
Paul Mordus, Radiology
Ann Chwalek, RCC
Steven Fortino, Security & Parking
John Murphy, Security & Parking
Justino Vega, Security & Parking
Sandra Crutcher, Surgical Suite
Quinton Cross, Surgical Suite
Peter Kuany, Surgical Suite
Doreen Boateng-Kennedy, Surgical Suite
Martiel Stoecker, Women & Childrens Administration
Shannon Egolf, Cardiology
Cathy Nelson, General Surgery & Bariatrics

Celebrating 10 Years

Megan McCabe, Cardiac Services Administration
Karen Dabrowski, Care Coordination Administration
Kelly Coggen, Care Coordination
Francine Ryan, Addiction Treatment Services
Carrie Kangah, College of Nursing
Ashley Zimmerman, College of Nursing
Kim Mineker, Communications
Nicole Miller, Community Engagement
Jeremy Freund, Educational Services
Ronda Coye, Emergency Department
Kylie O’Connell, Emergency Department
Gina Cassavaugh, Employee Pharmacy
Jackie Culp, Environmental Services
Jamie Stott, Environmental Services
Michelle Gilchirst, General Administration
Kimberly Keene, General Administration
Tanya Mills, Health Information Management
Rebecca Mondore, Health Information Management
Ashley Murray, Health Information Management
Erin Holt, Heart Cath Lab
Sabrina Viel, Heart Cath Lab
Steven Jobson, HelpPeople
Mark Caryl, Hospitalists
Rajeev Yalamanchili, Hospitalists
Christopher Bitner, IT
Roland Carver, IT
Peter Heggie, IT
Joseph Schmidt, IT
Charkia Moore, 4 North Irving Unit
Kristin Sagneri, 4 North Irving Unit
Jamila Sherman, 6 North Irving Unit
Leslie Smalls, 6 North Irving Unit
Caitlin Allen, Med/Surg Float Staff
Jamie Castile, Med/Surg Float Staff
Stacey Castro, Med/Surg Float Staff
Stephanie Reeve, Med/Surg Float Staff
Christen Haskins, Med/Surg Administration
Nicole Stout, Med/Surg Administration
Amichia Sheard, Madison-Irving Anesthesia
Elizabeth Luber, NICU
Sarah Podeswik, NICU
Brandy Leary, Nurse Practitioners
Mark Caccavale, Nursing Administration
James Fitch, Nutritional Services
Katelyn Bill, 7 Irving Unit
Kelly Connolly, 7 Irving Unit
Kerri Shaw, 7 Irving Unit
Brynne Stockton, 7 Irving Unit
Jennifer Andino, 8 Irving Unit
Heather Bell, Pharmacy
Arthur Daley, Pharmacy
James Erba, Pharmacy
Cory Kellogg, Pharmacy
Daniel Roy, Pharmacy
Elaine Clements, Physical Rehabilitation Services Administration
Dustin Sellers, Physical Rehabilitation Services
Erin Malay, Physical Rehabilitation Services
Susan McCaffrey, Physician Assistants
George Foster, POB Surgery Center
Ashley Washburn, POB Surgery Center
Leah Mitchell, PACU
Erwin Learned, Quality Improvement
Tammy Fisher, Radiology
Theresa Rowland, Radiology
Marylou Gilbert, Radiology
Laura Van Doren, Radiology
Kerzia Marchant, Radiology
Yeisy Gonzalez, RCC
Michael Allain, Specialty Nursing Administration
Stephanie Brush, Sterile Processing
Sandra Heater, Sterile Processing
Naima Abdi, Surgical Suite
Samira Ali, Surgical Suite
Tracy Cerio, Surgical Suite
Shante Lewis, Surgical Suite
Ebony Johnson, Telecommunications
Kelly Rhoda, Vascular Access
Linda Casey, Neurosurgery

Celebrating 5 Years

Temeka Thornton, Business Office
David Takach, Cardiology
Katie Webster, Cardiology
Kathleen Gratien, Addiction Treatment Services
Colby Evenden, Clinical Engineering
Ajete Qeriqi, Clinical Nutrition Services
Ryan Barker, College of Nursing Administration
Michelina Shafer, Commonwealth
Laurie Clark, Communications
Twiggy Eure, Diversity & Inclusion
Lingappa Amernath, Emergency Department Physicians
David Seely, Emergency Department Physicians
Dale Bechtel, Emergency Department
Gregore Goodrow, Emergency Department
Kristin McGarrity, Emergency Department
Sara Signor, Emergency Department
Thomas Conkey, Engineering
Ronald Mitchell, Engineering
Tara Benz, Environmental Services
Michelle Holts, Environmental Services
Nancy Bartosek, General Administration
Alexandra Bevivino, General Administration
Matthew Mohr, Health Information Management
Robert Stanger, Health Information Management
Daniel Kovach, Heart Cath Lab
Jenna McDowell, Heart Cath Lab
Vaibhav Singh, Hospitalists
Manuel McCoy, IT
Chelsea Boyce, ICU
Heather Carr, ICU
Stephanie Edmunds, ICU
Katie Swanson, ICU
Irene Sallaway, Jazzman Cafe
Zenia Coelho, Materials Management
Rebecca Demling, 4 North Irving Unit
Jill Dudek, 4 North Irving Unit
Megan Odell, 4 North Irving Unit
Latreice Adams, 4 South Irving Unit
Bahiya Battle, 6 North Irving Unit
Joyce Bowles-Casler, 6 North Irving Unit
Kristina Brisson, 6 North Irving Unit
Shawn-Marie Kennedy, 6 North Irving Unit
Latasha Lanaux, 6 North Irving Unit
Jason Lyons, 6 North Irving Unit
Telah Carlisle, 6 South Irving Unit
Nicholas Viggiano, 6 South Irving Unit
Corryn Fernandez, Med/Surg Float Staff
Dmytro Kuvshinov, Med/Surg Float Staff
Margaret Maal, Med/Surg Float Staff
Nicole Martin, Med/Surg Float Staff
Mandy Cayea, 4 Memorial Unit
Colleen Cauley, Med/Surg Administration
Dana Bellino, MRI
Melissa Allmon, NICU
Ann Marie Barry, NICU
Steven Laskowski, NICU
Delaney Palmatier, NICU
Mikaylea Recore, NICU
Jo-Anne Furcinito, Nurse Practitioners
Sharon Valenti, Nurse Practitioners
Hilary Ward, Nursing Student Resource Pool
Clinteshia Griffin, Nutritional Services
David Werts, Nutritional Services
Lazi Wilson, Nutritional Services
Courtney Rodriguez, OB Float Pool
Katelyn Lewis-Anderson, Opioid Treatment Program
Tasha Smith, Opioid Treatment Program
Autumn Fox, Patient Access
Jessica Huse, Patient Access
Tawnya Montgomery, Patient Access
Amanda Chilson, 7 Irving Unit
Shauna Moore, 7 Irving Unit
Cherielyn Yox, 7 Irving Unit
Bethany Gangemi, 8 Irving Unit
Kimberly Garvey, 8 Irving Unit
Rachel Orellana, 8 Irving Unit
Mallory Shaffer, 8 Irving Unit
Heidi Taylor, 8 Irving Unit
Lula Townsend, 8 Irving Unit
Angela Wornick, 8 Irving Unit
Jessica Schmidt, Perioperative Nursing Academy
Corey Lagoy, Pharmacy
Dianne Poore, Pharmacy
Bianca Archange, Phlebotomy
M’Kaila Clark, Phlebotomy
Celeste Mayfield, Phlebotomy
Mary Margaret Banac, Physical Rehabilitation
Stefanie Cassel, Physician Assistants
Daniel Chirinos, Physician Assistants
Nancie Reese, Physician Assistants
Heather Carroll, POB Surgery Center
Lori Griffin, Provider Services
Tanya Sasso, Provider Services
Michele Rossi, Radiology Breast Program
Noelle Graniti, Radiology
Michael Bennett, Radiology
Erin Loucy, Radiology
Michelle Munson, Respiratory Therapy
Brandilyne Husenitza, Risk Management
Angela England, Surgical Suite
Aliyah Jackson, Surgical Suite
Darlene Jones, Cardiology
Deborah Walter, Cardiology
Lori Holcomb, Cardiology
Roxanne Edwards, Cardiology
Nikhil Joshi, Cardiology
Clint Tredo, Cardiology
Nilka Rodriguez, Cardiology
Mary Healy, Cardiology
Jeane Pietrzak, Cardiology
Debra Burrage, ESF
MacKenzie Rotella, ESF
Lynette Devine, General Surgery & Bariatrics
Sami Adbul-Malak, Neurology
Jessica Sledge, Neurosurgery
John Stulb, Neurosurgery
Joshua Hennessy, Neurosurgery
Ashley Lamphear, Neurosurgery
Elizabeth Butch, Population Health
Kathleen Mora, Population Health
Susan Putman, Population Health
Breanna Young, Population Health
Amy Spendlove, Primary Care
Natasha O’Neill, Primary Care
Barbara Wheeler, Primary Care
Theresa Kulesa, Primary Care

Careers at Crouse

We offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical career opportunities.

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Careers at Crouse

We offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical career opportunities.

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