Haylee Schultz

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Haylee SchultzGuests attending Haylee Schultz’s eighth birthday party this month were asked not to bring gifts for Haylee.

Instead, the second-grader asked her friends and family to bring donations for the Baker Regional NICU at Crouse Hospital.

Haylee is a Crouse Little Fighter, having spent a week in the NICU after her birth in March 2009. Her mother, Jennifer Schultz, was admitted to the hospital in early February and Haylee was born at 36 weeks. She was on vapotherm in the NICU and treated for jaundice.

Jennifer says Haylee has wanted to do a fundraiser of some sort for the NICU for a while. Besides being a little fighter herself, Haylee’s older cousin also spent some time in the Crouse NICU when he was born. When her birthday was approaching, she knew she wanted to give back.

Haylee’s donations were accepted by NICU Charge Nurse, Sandy Gulino.

Happy birthday, Haylee! Thank you for using your special day to give back to our Little Fighters!

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