Massage for Veterans

Crouse Health is the first organization in the United States that offers continuing professional education in massage therapy to present the profession’s first-ever Specialty Certificate in Military Veteran Massage.

In partnership with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage, Crouse will present an 80-hour Massage for Veterans Program, culminating with a corresponding NCBTMB Specialty Exam.

Program participants must be licensed to provide massage therapy as defined and regulated by the New York State Office of Professions. Licensees must be currently licensed and registered to practice in fields including, but not limited to, massage therapy, physical therapy, nursing, and chiropractic care.

This new certificate program empowers therapists with the education and experience to provide veterans and their families with credentialed therapeutic massage care for veterans. Upon completing Crouse Health’s Massage for Veterans Program and passing the corresponding NCBTMB Specialty Exam, participants will earn a NCBTMB Specialty Certificate in Military Veteran Massage. In addition, participants will receive a letter of verification listing applicable education and training as proof of such credentials to present to employers.

The Military Veteran Massage Specialty Exam consists of 80 multiple-choice questions to assess a participant’s knowledge of healthcare policies and procedures in relation to the Massage Therapy Scope of Practice.

Exam questions pertain to:
– massage therapy considerations, treatment adaptations and methodology for veterans;
– current medical/emotional/psychological challenges of veterans
– physical/psychological presentations and massage considerations for veterans
with PTSD, MST or TBI
– indications/contraindications of massage for veterans with PTSD, MST, or TBI
– consent and psychological pressure;
– delegation of authority
– ethics and boundaries
– self-care;
– and more.

The Specialty Exam is available for registration on the NCBTMB website. At time of registration, participants will be responsible for the $95 Specialty Exam fee. Upon confirmation of eligibility and payment, participants will sign-up to take the Specialty Exam at Crouse Health.

Our Massage for Veterans Program is also partnered with Clear Path for Veterans, an Upstate New York Veteran Resource Center that recognizes the value of massage therapy, Reiki, yoga and other integrative medicine modalities to enhancing a veteran’s overall health and wellness.

Veterans enrolled in the clinical program, which is held at Clear Path and at Crouse Health, represent the different divisions of the United States Armed Forces, including the Navy, Army, Air Force, National Guard and Marines.

For more information about the Crouse Health Massage for Veterans Program, contact Nicole Miller at 315-470-6418, or visit the website below.