Crouse Monthly Miles Club

Become a member of the Crouse Monthly Miles Club today!

Printed copies of the registration form are also available on the Wellness Wall by the Crouse Hospital Clocktower Café.

Here’s how the club works….

Track your steps or miles using an activity tracker device, Smartphone, or pedometer (free pedometer, while supplies last, available upon request through the Crouse Hospital Employee Health Office). By the 5th of each month, email to submit your total miles from the previous month to the Simply Well team. Many tracking devices will automatically keep track of your monthly activity for you, which means all you have to do is check your progress once a month and submit your miles.

Prizes include a $5 gift card to the Clocktower Café and Jazzman’s for every 500 miles (maximum of 4 per 12 month period). Participants who are not located on The Hill will receive gift cards to other locations. Multiple raffle drawings will take place each month based on the following levels:


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