Crouse Health Celebrates Nurses Week

From May 6-12, we will celebrate the service and accomplishments of nurses across the globe and especially here at Crouse Health.
We want to recognize the many ways that Crouse nurses make a difference for their patients and each other every single day.

Nurses Week Activities

Gift Distribution
This year our small token of appreciation will be a canvas tote with a message we wholeheartedly believe in – “Crouse Nurses Make a Difference” – along with a mini dry-erase marker that can clip to your badge! Gifts will be distributed by your manager throughout the week.

Daily Raffles – Baskets and Gift Cards
We will be raffling themed baskets and gift cards from Visa, Dunkin Donuts, Wegmans, Hope Café and more each day to some lucky winners! Baskets and gift cards were generously donated by fellow Crouse co-workers and members of the community. Please check your e-mail daily to see prizes/ winners!

Licensed massage therapists will be coming to the units to offer massages! Schedule TBD.

Blessing of the Hands, Virtually
This nondenominational ritual recognizes the healing work we share. While we can’t perform this meaningful tradition in person, we will do so virtually with a video from Reverend Kate:

Nursing Honor Guard Memorial Ceremony
Join us in Sulzle Auditorium on May 12th at 12:00 pm as we honor our fallen nurses from 2019 – present. Led by Faith Terry of the Syracuse Chapter of the Nursing Honor Guard, this moving ceremony will allow us an opportunity to remember and celebrate the lives and contributions of the Crouse nurses we have lost.

DAISY Team Award
We will be celebrating a special nursing team who makes a huge difference to our community every single day. We will be reading their nomination story aloud and presenting their commemorative plaque, as well as certificates and pins to honor their extraordinary contributions.

DAISY Leader Award
We will be celebrating a special nurse who has exemplified excellence in nursing leadership with the DAISY Leader Award. We will read their nomination aloud and present a certificate, pin and Healers Touch sculpture to honor their meaningful work.

A very special thank you to:
Kathleen Miller Murphy & the Community Engagement Team
Kathy Steinmann & the Educational Services Team
The Rehabilitation Team
Chef Jason, Sue O’Reilly and the Nutritional Services Team
Laurie Clark
Megan McCabe
John Bergemann
Nurses Week Committee members
Your hard work and support made this week possible! You are appreciated.

Recognizing Nursing Excellence

DAISY Award Winners 2021 – 2022
May 2021 | Danielle Fortino, Cardiac Cath Lab
June 2021 | Sarah Hitt, Labor & Delivery
July 2021 | Samantha McNitt, Intensive Care Unit
August 2021 | Jessica Bankert, 6 North
September 2021 | Jennifer Bedford, Antepartum/ Postpartum
October 2021 | Sejla Custic, 6 South
December 2021 | Massama Donzo, Labor & Delivery
January 2022 | Justin Gardner, 4 North
February 2022 | Robert Savage, 5 South
March 2022 | Brittany LaFond, Intensive Care Unit

DAISY Award Nominees 2021
Alaina Baez, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Mallory Robinson, OB Float Pool
Christy Bobik*, Labor & Delivery
Cherielyn Yox, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Samantha McNitt, Intensive Care Unit
Sarah Hitt, Labor & Delivery
Magan Johnson, Labor & Delivery
Rosemary Benata Ifeonu, 5 South Irving
Minnie Yao*, 5 South Irving
Jennifer Bedford*, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Jessica Bankert, 6 North Irving
Stephanie Rabbo, 5 South Irving
Tori Gushea, Labor & Delivery
Sejla Custic, 6 South Irving
Massama Donzo*, Labor & Delivery
Grace Bergemann*, Recovery Care Center
Megan Bauer, Labor & Delivery
Lori Hood, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Heather Barry, Labor & Delivery
Nick Viggiano, 6 South Irving
Charline Cormier, 5 South Irving
Kathleen Adams, Recovery Care Center
Brandy St. Clair, Labor & Delivery
Emily Wells*, Labor & Delivery
Melissa Stephens, Labor & Delivery
Ashley Seltzer, OB Float Pool
Katherine Martel-Rodriguez*, Recovery Care Center
Elizabeth Hall, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Ashlynn Kelley, Recovery Care Center
Cassandra Perrin, Labor & Delivery
Zeeve Kelchner, Labor & Delivery
Rachel Baker, 4 North Irving
Terra Procopio, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Chloe Derrenbacker, 4 South Irving
Maya Bryant*, Labor & Delivery
Jennifer Prochna, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Teresa Finn, Labor & Delivery
Erika Tupaz, 6 South Irving
Elizabeth Dablock, Labor & Delivery
LuAnn Phillips, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Bobbi Burgess, Recovery Care Center
Katie Harroun, 5 South Irving
Tara Abar, 5 South Irving
Cassandra Long*, Labor & Delivery
Jill Farrance, Labor & Delivery
Kathryn Phillips, Labor & Delivery
Michelle Tramonte, OB Float Pool
Barbara Richards, 6 North
Tiana Mitts*, Labor & Delivery
Deborah Schwab, Labor & Delivery
Tatyana Grant, Recovery Care Center
Justin Gardner, 4 North Irving
Robert Savage, 5 South Irving
Annie Cortese, 4 South Irving
Chase Wright, 6 South Irving
Jonathan Galang, 4 North Irving
Amanda DeSimone, 6 South Irving
Madison Sacco, 4 North Irving
Maura Antalek, Med/Surg Float Pool
Julia Schug, 6 South Irving
Kristina Gitzen, Labor & Delivery
Shauna Moore, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Kim Cunningham, Labor & Delivery
Seth Austin, Labor & Delivery
Kristan Wild, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Rhoda Smith, Labor & Delivery
Aja Young, 7 Memorial
Michaela Ennis, Labor & Delivery
Tina Porter*, Antepartum/ Postpartum
Morgan Murray, Labor & Delivery
Jackie O’Connor, Labor & Delivery
Danielle Fortino, Cardiac Cath Lab
Ruth Kirk, 6 South Irving
Brittany Lafond, Intensive Care Unit

*Denotes multiple nominations this year

Have a nurse you’d like to nominate for a DAISY Award. Click here to fill out the form. For any questions, e-mail

Professional Nursing Pathway Recipients 2021-2022

Level IV:
Karla Piazza, NICU
Brenda Harrington, NICU
Brandon Rexford, NICU
Kristin Sagneri, 4 North
Patricia Moses, ED
Elizabeth McKeon, Commonwealth Place
Jessica Lynch, Intensive Care Unit

Level III:
Stacy Wolinski, 7 Memorial
Shannon Leahy, 6 North
Jason Lyons, 6 North
Taylor Shandler, 4 North

The DAISY Award

Want to thank a nurse, nurse leader or nursing team for extraordinary care? Nominate them for The DAISY Award.

Learn More

The DAISY Award

Want to thank a nurse, nurse leader or nursing team for extraordinary care? Nominate them for The DAISY Award.

Learn More