Hospital Prices


Healthcare today can be confusing and complicated. At Crouse Health, we try to make it as easy as possible to navigate the healthcare system, and that includes informing you about the cost of medical services we provide.

This area of our website helps you obtain basic information about medical services and prices provided at Crouse. As required by federal law, Crouse’s standard charges are available by clicking the “Crouse Hospital’s Current Standard Charges” tab below.

These standard charges may not reflect typical charges to patients and are not necessarily reported on a procedure basis. Therefore, in an effort to be more transparent and consumer friendly, we have also included an option for you to “Search Prices” below.

Under the “Search Prices” tab, you will find average prices for many common procedures, including average payments by Medicare, Medicaid and all insurance carriers. The Search Prices feature is provided to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Please be aware that prices are subject to change.

It is important to note that the Search Prices feature includes average prices for medical procedures, which are subject to change. More importantly, the figures listed are not what a patient may actually pay for the service/procedure listed. The amount you will owe depends on your insurance plan.

Crouse Hospital provides financial assistance to patients that meet certain financial eligibility guidelines. For more information on eligibility guidelines and charity care discounts, please go to our Financial Assistance Program page.

A Note Before Using Prices Online

The results you see when you search prices below may include the following:

  • The average price for the procedure
  • The average Medicare payment Crouse Hospital receives for this procedure
  • The average Medicaid payment Crouse Hospital receives for this procedure
  • The average payment Crouse Hospital receives from all health insurance companies, which may include Medicare, Medicaid and all commercial insurers

Please be aware that prices may vary based on pre-existing health conditions, severity of illness, and the actual procedure performed. Prices listed do not include physicians’ fees. Their offices will bill you separately. Examples include charges from your surgeon, anesthesiologist or radiologist.

The information you see under the Search Prices tab below is based on the average hospital charge for specific services. We’re unable to provide you with what your deductible, co-insurance or co-pay will be and whether a procedure will be covered by your insurance. Please contact your insurance company directly for this information.