Resource Page for Social Needs

SDOH, or Social Determinants of Health, are defined as “the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks” (CDC, 2022).

We value caring for our patient’s health beyond the clinical setting.  Below are a collection of resources for patients to obtain access to medical care and personal well-being.

SDOH Survey
Please complete this brief and anonymous survey to help us gather information on the needs of our patients and community:
Understanding Patient Challenges Survey

Health Insurance
View the below web pages for eligibility information, income guidelines and apply.  Benefits for transportation and SDOH needs may be included in this coverage.

Medicare is health insurance for people 65 or older, people under 65 with certain disabilities, and people of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant).

To be eligible for New York Medicaid, you must be a resident of the state of New York, a U.S. national, citizen, permanent resident, or legal alien, in need of health care/insurance assistance, whose financial situation would be characterized as low income or very low income. Other eligibility criteria apply, please visit Medicaid website for details.

New York State offers Child Health Plus as a health insurance plan for kids. Depending on your family’s income, your child may be eligible.
Child Health Plus

NY State of Health offers the ability to compare and enroll in plans through the individual marketplace.  Individuals and families may also qualify for free or low-cost coverage from Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or the Essential Plan through the Marketplace. Anyone who needs health coverage can apply.
New York State of Health Coverage for Individuals & Families

Main Websites for Various Resources
NY State Social Programs & Applications
211 Resources
Onondaga County Resources

Senior, medical appointment, emergency, employment related transport services
Disability, homeless, indigent services
Errand running and shopping assistance
Expense assistance for gas, bus fare, car insurance, and car repair

211 Resources

Housing & Basic Needs Support
Support for renters including rental payment or security deposit assistance, housing discrimination assistance, landlord/tenant dispute resolution, housing search assistance
Supportive housing for those with age, disability, mental health, substance use related challenges
Support for Homeowners including Home Maintenance/Repair, Home Rehabilitation/Modification Programs (ex: for ramps, medical equipment)
Appliances, Furniture, Baby Needs
Homeless shelters, domestic violence/sexual assault shelters, youth and transitional shelters
Utility assistance and weatherization programs that help improve energy efficiency in the home

211 Resources
NY State – Housing
Apply for NYS Heating & Cooling Assistance (HEAP)

Support in Getting Food
Soup kitchens, food pantries, fresh food and children’s summer food programs
Home delivered meal services
Food expense assistance including food stamps/SNAP and WIC

211 Resources
Apply for NYS Assistance for Healthy Food

Employment & Income Support
Employment search support including resume, interview, vocational assessment, and computer skills classes
Services to support employment including clothing, transportation, workplace accommodations/modifications
Employment programs for youth, disabled, homeless, veteran, immigrant/refugee, ex-offender and retired/seniors
Supplemental income programs for disabled and unemployed
General public assistance, social security and workers compensation resources
Employment related legal assistance
NYS childcare assistance

211 Resources
NYS Employment Support
NYS Unemployment
NY State Office of Children & Family Services

Mental Health Assessment and Treatment
Psychiatric and counseling services
Mental health evaluations and psychological testing
Residential and inpatient facilities, including crisis and respite services
Mental health, substance use, disabilities, caregiver, military and LGBTQ support groups

211 Resources
NYS Office of Mental Health

Facilities and services
Crisis intervention
Smoking Cessation
Support groups (including peer, family and friend)
Support for gambling, binge eating, sex, internet and shopping addictions

211 Resources
NY Smoke Free