Experienced RN Benefits & Incentives

Crouse nurses exemplify our culture of family-oriented Carepassion: they care deeper, listen closer and treat each patient, family member and co-worker with the respect and dignity they deserve.

We’re hiring mission-focused RNs with a passion for bedside nursing. Talented people with positive attitudes. Professionals who provide an exceptional experience with each and every patient encounter. Bring your experience to Crouse!

✓   $7,000 ‘Welcome’ Bonus for experienced RNs hired for ICU; Med/Surg Isolation Unit; Med/Surg Float Pool*
   $5,000 ‘Welcome’ Bonus for experienced RNs hired in all other areas*
✓   Competitive pay scale
✓   Generous health and wellness benefits
✓   Comprehensive low-cost insurances
✓   Tuition reimbursement after 90 days for BSN
✓   Work-life blend, with flexible scheduling
✓   Opportunities to enhance clinical growth and advancement
✓   Clinical Ladder with Nursing Pathway program
✓   Professional autonomy
✓   Collaboration: Unit Based Councils/Nurse Practice Council
✓   Recognizing nursing excellence through the DAISY Award
*2-year commitment to Crouse required

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