Crouse Check It! Challenge

Know Your Blood Pressure!

Crouse is partnering with the American Heart Association to offer an evidence-based wellness and blood pressure management program called Check. Change. Control. ALL participants are encouraged to sign up regardless of whether they have high blood pressure or not. This educational program focuses on simple changes you can make to improve your overall health and wellness.

Sign up for the Check It! Challenge:

  1. Click here:
  2. Create your account using the code CHCOM. (Crouse Hospital and Crouse Medical Practice employees should use code CHSTF)
  3. You’re ready to log your blood pressure!

Please note: You’ll need to commit to checking and entering your blood pressure readings at least twice each month until the of the four-month challenge. Your name and readings will NOT be shared and are only recorded within the site for your own tracking purposes.

Crouse Hospital and Crouse Medical Practice staff campaign will be on Wednesday, Feb. 19!

For Our Community Partners:

You’re welcome to use the following toolkit items for the implementation of the Check It! Challenge within your organization.