Art to Heart for Crouse Healthcare Heroes

By: Laurie Clark

Robin Kasowitz presents art to staffWorking in both the medical field and the art world, Syracuse native Robin Kasowitz felt the need to give back to both communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An artist and a psychotherapist, Robin serves on the Everson Museum’s board of trustees. When the pandemic hit Central New York, she said she saw people “being so courageous” and wanted to help.

At the same time, she saw how artists were being impacted. It was then she decided to create art for frontline workers to honor their service while also creating grants for local artists. The Art to Heart project was born.

“It was heartwrenching. I wanted to do something and creativity is my go-to,” Robin says.

She sought to create something tangible as a tribute to those on the frontlines.

“I wanted them to feel validated. I wanted them to come home and see a painting and remember what they did for the community,” she said.

Donors can purchase a painting to be gifted to a frontline worker. The funds received are matched by Robin and will be given to local artists who have been impacted by the pandemic.

Robin, a sculptor by trade, says it can take anywhere from four hours to two days to create each painting.

Robin Kasowitz presents art to staffIn her donation to Crouse, Robin created two triptychs, one for the Environmental Services team and one for the Neuro and Medical/Surical Intensive Care Unit. She also donated 53 individual paintings she created for the staff on our 2 Memorial and 7 Memorial units.

One staff member commented, “It was so fun to get a little reprieve and the team definitely loved the recognition.”

“We are incredibly grateful for Robin’s unique and special donation of art for our healthcare heroes at Crouse Health,” said Nancy Williams, director of patient experience. “Her desire to connect and embrace us with her humanity during these challenging times is truly a memorable and lasting gift.”

Robin is still collecting donations and creating paintings to give to frontline heroes. To make a donation or purchase a painting in honor of someone, email Robin at

Laurie Clark is the Communications and Digital Media Manager at Crouse Health.

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