Nurse Sisters Spread Inspiration

By: Crouse News

Ashley Cummings and Amy BrownAshley Cummings and Amy Brown, sisters who are both registered nurses at Crouse Health, wanted to do something to inspire their colleagues, who have been working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020.

They decided to paint motivational rocks and leave them throughout the Crouse parking garage, where employees might find them on their way to or from work.

“We just wanted to show our appreciation to staff who have been working so hard over the past 10 months to care for patients — and maybe even provide a little inspiration along the way,” says Ashley, who works on our oncology unit, while Amy works in our Intensive Care Unit.

Our frontline workers have been supporting each other throughout the pandemic, from chalk writing in the garage to ‘care packages’ from our NICU nurses to other units within the hospital. Despite the circumstances, the Crouse spirit continues to shine through our employees.

rocks with inspirational messagesWhile the rocks the sisters painted have messages that range from “Wear a Mask” to “Frontline Hero,” the sentiment is the same: Thank you for helping to keep Crouse and our community strong.

“Ashley and Amy are great examples of what makes the Crouse culture so special,” says Director of Human Resources John Bergemann, and he adds, “a great place to work.

>WATCH: Amy Brown, RN on Bridge Street on NewsChannel 9 

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