Compliments for Our Doctors

As we celebrate Doctors’ Day on March 30, please enjoy the compliments we’ve received for our Crouse doctors.

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Dear Dr. David Albala,
Thank you for keeping me pointed in a direction of continued health, your skill and professionalism is appreciated.
John Godfrey

Dear Dr. William Berkery,
You are thorough and accurate in your diagnosis. You follow through treatment leaving no stone unturned. You listen to patient concerns and provide recommendations and responses for the best course of action.

Dear. Dr. Victor Croglio,
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful concern in regard to my health and providing me with excellent medical and physical care. I am most grateful for your kindness whenever I see you.
Father Philip Hearn

Dear Dr. James Longo,
You are an amazing doctor. You are always there for every concern. You have been so in step with David. We so appreciate all you do!
David & Deb Dowd

Dear Dr. Joseph Bataglia,
Thank you for your wonderful care of the Tedeschi family!
Lee Tedeschi

Dear Dr. Kwabena Boahene,
You are one of the best doctors. I miss you very much. You are the greatest person, very caring.
Jewell Gionet

Dear Dr. Craig Byrum,
You and your staff provide the best care. You’re at the top of the game and always made my family and I feel safe and at ease in every way. I would not be here today without you. I will always be thankful for my physicians.
Scott Goodfellow

Dear Dr. Anil George,
You first met me in 20210 at Crouse Hospital when I was brought there. I had surgery for triple bypass and you have been with me since. Back then I called you my TV doctor. Thank you so much for caring for me.
Joanne Mevec

Dear Drs. Melissa Nelson, Eileen Bifano, Steve Gross, Bonnie Marr, Beverly Roy and Susanna Arriagada,
We cannot thank you enough for the exceptional level of care you all provided to Maeve during her NICU stay. This was by far the most difficult time of our lives and you all went above and beyond through detailed explanations, often time more than once and through parental support. You not only cared for her, but us as well and we cannot thank you enough for that. After 115 days, you helped to bring our baby home which would have been an impossibility without each of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Christianna and Sam Leary on behalf of baby Maeve

Dear Dr. John Nicholson,
Thank you so much for your kindness, concern and great bedside manner during my stay at Crouse in September 2021 – before, during and after my procedure to have a third of my colon removed because of cancer. I had confidence in your skill as a doctor and felt very at ease. Thankfully, it was caught in good time (stage 1) with no need for chemo, for which I was so thankful. So, thanks to you and the great staff at Crouse, my stay was, shall I say, much appreciated.
Carol J. Ritschel

Dear Dr. Benjamin Sadowitz,
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Mary! You went above and beyond to give her the best care possible. Knowing you were watching over her made the whole situation easier for us. We appreciate your efforts more than you know.
The Beck Family (Mary, Jim, Laura, Thomas and Stephen)

Dear Dr. Albert Tripodi,
You are a great doctor as your father before you!
The Bobbett Family

Dear Dr. Anil George,
You are a very kind and caring cardiac doctor. I am very grateful you saved my life in 2019. My husband and I are very grateful for the excellent care you give to both of us.
Kathy & Roger Paolini

Dear Drs. Soubhi Azar & David DiCesar,
Thank you both for providing me with excellent medical care, sharing your wisdom & experience and for your continued encouragement in all healthcare issues. You are the best and I appreciate you both so much!
Mary ET Herbst

Dear Dr. Martin Noonan,
You have been as much a friend as a family doctor. You’re always ready to take your time, to be a friend. You are wonderful, a good guy!
Anna Mac Notarthomas