Carepassion in Action: Crouse Finance Team Serve the Community

By: Crouse News

Crouse Finance TeamIf you think those who work in finance and accounting are only concerned about the bottom line, then you haven’t met our Crouse Health team.

Interim Chief Financial Officer Kevin Randall, with Allyson Rossi, affiliate manager of finance, and 10 of their departmental colleagues, spent a morning recently volunteering at the Samaritan Center, an interfaith effort of individuals who are committed to serving those in need in Central New York. They serve hot meals to any person who needs nourishment, 365 days a year — no questions asked.

“Twelve of us were able to volunteer and we served breakfast to 282 people,” Randall said. More than just serving food, the finance team did everything from prepping the meal to cleaning up afterwards.

“The best part of the experience was the opportunity to engage with the community, from the other volunteers to the Samaritan Center employees, as well as the guests of the center,” Rossi said. “We were also able to engage with each other, as colleagues, serving not merely our own organization, but people who live outside the walls of the hospital.”

The team has plans to volunteer together again this holiday season, when they’ll work with the Salvation Army for the Christmas Bureau Distribution Day event.

“It’s nice to work with people who enjoy giving back to our community,” Rossi said. The actions of the finance team reflect Crouse’s mission of both providing the best in patient care, as well as promoting community health.

Kevin, Allyson and the members of the Crouse finance team demonstrate that they care not just about fiscal responsibility of our organization, but for our community — from the bottom of their hearts.

Crouse News is reported by members of our Communications Team.

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